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Oct 22, 2008 02:21 PM

Cahill's Fish & Chips, Lebanon PA

For lunch today my friend and I visited Cahill's Fish & Chips on North 9th Street In Lebanon PA. We had heard about the restaurant via an article in the Harrisburg newspaper. Loving real battered-dipped fish and chips, we decided to visit the restaurant. It is in the heart of downtown Lebanon and has a bill board in front holding their menu (no prices). It sounded good. We went inside and found a seat. After waiting several minutes to be served, we noticed a sign saying "Order Here "and than another saying "Pick Up Here".
Of course, we both ordered the Fish & Chips and after a resonable amount of time we we told our order was ready. What we got were three small pieces of fish (suspiously,exactly like Mrs. Paul's batter-dipped haddock), about a dozen texas style frozen fries re-heated in the deep fryer, a small plastic disc of each cole slaw and canned rolls, and forget about water! They don't serve it! You must buy bottled water or canned soda.This was handed to us on black plastic plates with a plastic forks. Our bill was $10.00 each for lunch!!
This place is far from up -scale and the prices (even if the food had been good) are out of line for the location and area. Needless to say, we will not be returning and would not recommend it to anyone else. We came away feeling like we had been totally ripped-off.

Cahill's Fish & Chips
Lebanon, PA, Lebanon, PA

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  1. I have been wanting to try this place. I think I'll pass now.

    On another note (also in the Lebanon area):
    Have you tried Smokestack Lightning Barbecue in Lickdale? I think it is pretty good, but I must admit my BBq experience is somewhat limited.

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    1. re: Steelers

      The ribs at Smokestack Lightning were greasy and the water tasted like sewer, disappointing since the whole place smelled great. Other people seemed to like the brisket sandwiches. Two days before we tried Smokestack Lightning, we found this place in Lebanon:

      Allegro Pizzeria and BBQ 1034 Maple St. Lebanon, PA
      Out of the two, I would choose Allegro. They cook their meats in a rotisserie over an open charcoal pit. The ribs were juicy and had a spicy dry rub that was really tasty. The food was cheap and the portions were huge.

      1. re: xtownj

        My mother just got a tray of pulled pork from Smokestack Lightning, for a family get together. I thought it was pretty good, and my husband - who is a BBQ nut, and usually pretty picky - was impressed. She also got some slaw, which was good - I like it crispy, not real wilted, it was tasty with the pork. I wish she had ventured beyond the traditional sauce. Looks like they have lots of great options in that department. She also said it smelled great there, and she wants to go back again soon.

    2. Don't know what you were smoking........we were there Saturday, and the atmosphere as well as the food made us feel as though we were back in the UK. We WATCHED the food being made to order, with FRESH ingredients......and show us any restaraunt that serves drinks WITH your meal......none that we know of! Had they given you water, you would simply complain it was tap water and how dare they?! And where did you find lunch for under $10? Gee, we'd like to know that place too........maybe this was your first venture out in a few years? Needless for US to say, we WILL go back and we DO recommend Cahill's Fish & Chips.

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      1. re: cammon

        I live in philly and I eat out more than you do. I never have a problem finding restaurants that serve good food for lunch for less than $10. I lived in lebanon for 25 years so I know what I'm talking about. IF you think lebanon is expensive try philly.

        1. re: cammon

          Cammon, Man -----you need to take chill pill! We've been there too. The review is RIGHT ON!! Sounds to me like maybe a vested interest? For good battered dipped fish, try the Brownstone in Middletown. They make it there , the prices are reasonable and they will bring it to the table.

          1. re: mydannyboy

            Wrong ideas you guys! No vested interest......the first person sounded to me like they had a chip on their shoulder. We LOVED it, were treated quite nicely, and as I said before, It's just the same as sitting in a fish shop in the UK. I didn't say Lebanon is expensive, and no thanks to can have it! No disrespect to anyone, i thought the first post was nasty and felt inclined to reply. You know what they say about opinions, right?

            1. re: cammon

              cammon, could you please describe your experience at this establishment? specifically the type of fish and the style in which it was cooked? I've been to plenty of chippies in the UK, and the initial poster's comments don't sound terribly authentic to me.

              1. re: Boognish

                Sure! Not sure what fish it was, but it was mild and thick cut. Batter dipped in front of us, deep fried in front of us, fresh cut chips....rivaled any we got in Scotland for sure. Wrapped in as could be. I think perhaps the original poster just didn't like the place...I don't know, but we enjoyed it much and will go back. After speaking with the owner, found out they are moving to a larger establishment early 2009, so will go back for the expanded menu.

          2. re: cammon

            I'm always suspicious when someone's first post is a strong rebuttal.

          3. I have been to both Cahill's and the new place they opened ( I forget the name but will post later) the food is great! I have never been when it was not. Now in the new place the portions are even bigger and the Irish guy is great too.

            I have had both the fish and chips and the Shepard Pie and that is excellent!

            I say go and eat up because it is good!