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Oct 22, 2008 01:06 PM

Soy chorizo at Trader Joe's

I live in Southern California where Mexican style chorizo is readily available. I love the spice and flavor of it, but am trying to cut back on meat and fat. So when I saw Soy Chorizo at my local Trader Joe's I had to try it. It is incredible. The exact flavor and texture of pork chorizo without the guilt or the grease. It's become my favorite quick lunch. Browned up with some onion, then put on a flour or corn tortilla with chopped tomatoes and a big dollop of 0% fat Greek yogurt, also a new favorite from TJs that has the richness of sour cream without the fat. It is a spectacular combo, and would be great in enchiladas too.

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  1. I love it too! Had it for the first time a month ago and I made an awesome omelette with it gruyere and mushrooms. Soo good.

    1. Old post - but it's a new product for me. I think I am going to put it over trader joe's green chile and cheese tamales, then broil it with a cheddar topping. I may add some fried peppers and onions too. Should I fry the veg. chorizo 1st?

      1. I used to LOVE chorizo until I was in Grand Central Market in LA and read the ingredients on the package. EW could never eat it again!!
        so, the TJ version is really really good?

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          It is really good considering there's no pork involved - it's quite oily btw
          absolutely worth trying

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            I totally agree!! I was born and raised in So. Cal. and was fed chorizo every since I can remember, then one day I read the ingredients and never touched it again. My vegetarian girlfriend said we should try the soy stuff from TJ's and WOW I was impressed!! Yay!! Chorizo and eggs again!!

          2. I cooked TJ's chorizo as planned. Fried it with sauteed peppers and onions, then placed it on top of the TJ's green chile and cheese tamale. Topped it with shredded cheddar, baked then broiled the top til golden. My husband (he doesn't eat meat) loved it. I eat meat, and I thought it was a decent substitute, but still prefer the real thing. I wasn't crazy about the constistancy. It was also pretty wet before you start, and took awhile to dry out to a more sausage like texture I prefer. Overall, I would buy it again for my husband, but not for me.

            1. My wife and I enjoy commercial chorizo, but all that grease can't be good for you. We now make homemade chorizo using ground turkey.

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                If you have the time can you post the recipe? Would love to try it out.

                1. re: michele cindy

                  Homemade Mexican Chorizo


                  1 lb ground lean pork, ground turkey can be substituted
                  1/4 cup cider vinegar
                  2 tablespoons chili powder
                  1 tablespoon sweet paprika
                  1 teaspoon ground cumin
                  1 teaspoon table salt
                  1 teaspoon garlic powder
                  1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
                  1/2 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed
                  1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
                  1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
                  1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper


                  Combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, salt, garlic powder, coriander, oregano, red pepper flakes, ground cloves and black pepper in mixing bowl and stir until well combined.

                  Add cider vinegar and stir until dry ingredients are moistened.

                  Add ground meat and knead until spice mixture is well incorporated into the meat.

                  You can use the chorizo immediately, but for best flavor development, place chorizo mixture in an airtight container and store overnight in fridge.

                  Form chrizo meat into small patties or just scramble and fry the meat in a skillet until done.

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                    This souns great and not difficullt to prepare. I was getting ready for something more intense. Thanks!