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Oct 22, 2008 01:00 PM

Best Deep Fryer for Turkey?

Random googling leads me to believe a Bayou Classic 3066A 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer is the best option. Any thoughts from turkey fry veterans? Also, do you all still use peanut oil, despite it's recent skyrocketing cost?

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  1. You want one with high BTU's . Our fryer worked much better once we took off the safety. We have used peanut oil, but have also used canola oil. I would suggest that before you season or marinate your turkey determine the amount of oil you'll need by putting the turkey in the basket or on the hanger, and putting it in the pot. Add water until it reaches about two inches above the turkey.

    1. I don't know how this obsession with frying turkeys in peanut oil got started. Yes, it has a slightly higher smoke point than canola or vegetable (soy bean) oil. And it's my first choice for stir fries or sautes where I don't want the taste of olive oil. But unless you let your fryer get totally out of control you won't get anywhere near the smoke point, so you can use any neutral tasting oil. It's all about transmitting heat and making things crispy and I haven't read anything about peanut oil having an advantage in that regard. I've used peanut and canola and can't say I've noticed any difference. The best fried turkey I've ever had was cooked in a blend of mostly fresh canola oil, a couple of pints of home rendered lard, some leftover french fry oil of unknown ancestry, and a cup of bacon fat.

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        Thanks for the input, I was thinking of going with canola anyway, but now I'm sure.

        No one has a favorite model?

      2. Full disclosure: I have never fried a turkey. But given the well-documented tendency of outdoor open-flame turkey fryers to incinerate garages/houses/people (youtube it if you haven't), I would never risk it. Masterbuilt has a line of indoor turkey fryers (which I would stick outdoors, but beware of extension cords with insufficient electrical capacity). Just saying.