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Oct 22, 2008 12:17 PM

Bham: Feeding large soccer group

Got an e-mail from someone who saw our blog who is going to be in Birmingham next month with their boys 12/13 yr old soccer team and need a place to eat on a Saturday night. With all of the families, it's about 50 people.

Any thoughts on a restaurant with a laid back/causual atmosphere that can accommodate such a large group?

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  1. Davenport's Pizza Palace in Mtn. Brook comes to mind. Perhaps even Brio or Cochina Superior at Brookwood Village. Certainly with some advance notice either place could handle the crowd.

      1. re: eatyourveggies1

        "Dave's Pizza in Homewood."

        I second Dave's Pizza in Homewood. Also, some other options might be The Golden Rule in Lake View, Mafiaoza's in Crestline , Fish Market multiple locations, La Paz in Crestline, Cosmo's Pizza in Southside, Tortuga's Pizza Hoover or New York Pizza in Cahaba Heights...Dave's Pizza specializes in large soccer, baseball, etc...type groups. They used to have a game room for kids. I've always thought it to be a little overpriced for what it is, but it's good.

        1. re: mwr0978

          Another really good one might be Jim and Nick's 11th Ave. Grill on South Side! I believe they have a game room also. Place is huge and the menu is exactly what 11/12 yr old boys like to eat!

      2. Just thought I'd post an update; I heard back from the person with the big soccer group and thought I'd share his experience:

        we ended up going to dave's pizza in homewood. we had a group of 43 people. it was a great choice and they made it very easy. we pre-ordered 12 pizzas and a huge greek salad. the food was tasty and the atmosphere was perfect for our big, loud group. i'd recommend it to anyone who has a similar need.