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Oct 22, 2008 11:11 AM

Hot tamales


Back in March, me and a friend were crossing US-Mexico border at 5am from Tijuana, Mexico back into San Diego, CA-US.

Right before we crossed the gate, a LOT of Mexicans were standing in a line (to show paperwork to the US border security). Around there, there was a kiosk (if you can call it that), with a boy behind it making some food stuff. My friend says "Let's pick this up, I'm really hungry.".. I said sure. The guy asks me red or green - I automatically say red because I'm a spicy kinda guy.

I ended up getting a Tamale (told to me next morning). In our cab ride back to another friend's place near the border in San Diego, I devoured the best "food" EVER! It was SO TASTY! (Either that, or the 5am drunkness didn't really give me a good feel?)

Something about it being given to me like a roadside hotdog stand or the fact that it was hot and tasty over the corn makes me wonder when I will go back there again. But let's be realistic now, who goes to Mexico for a tamale? Not me. I don't have that kind of money.

Hence, here I am. Asking you hounders for help. Please tell me where I can find a similar experience of a tamale in Toronto, most preferably downtown Toronto.

(I've looked at this post: and I can't wait to go there and try it out since I work a couple blocks from there



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  1. Nice anecdote! Just the way street food should be enjoyed.

    I haven't tried Perola's since the Pupusa ladies retired, but if you can manage to hike 15 feet south from there, you could try Emporio Latinho. They have the typical small kitchen at the back, with pupusas made to order, and a significant variety of tamales, also available frozen to take home if you like.

    Something else not to be missed in the area is El Gordo empanadas across the street. Over 40 varieties, with great flavours. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Snarf

      Thank you!
      I will be sure to check them out too!!

      I don't think I'll do the frozen one because it's called "Hot" tamale for a reason, I'd think. Maybe I'll take them hot and home.

      1. re: Devilish

        Nuke them in the microwave for three minutes...add hot sauce...Marimba!

    2. Please note, the digression on the origins of Latin American dishes has been moved here: