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Oct 22, 2008 10:56 AM

Catering in Queens for approx. 70 people--Greek, Italian or American food?

I'm looking for a space with great food, some room to dance and enough room for about 70 people. Food could be Italian, Greek or traditional/New American. Any ideas? We were looking mainly in the Bayside, Whiteston, Little Neck area, but are willing to go to Astoria, Sunnyside, etc. Has anyone been to any events at George Martin in Douglaston?

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  1. philoxenia, on 34th ave at 32nd street. it would fit the bill perfectly, the prices are very good and the food is fantastic.

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      That's so weird. I was just looking at Philoxenia's website!!!! I've heard wonderful things about it. But they don't mention anything about catering... I'll call. Thanks.

    2. Rooms you could rent at reasonable prices
      but you would have to bring in your own caterer or food.

      The Bayside Historical Society in Whitestone

      and the Queens County Farm in Floral Park

      Forest Park also has a party room - cann't remember the name
      but they are all pretty reasonable as far as rental fees.

      1. We threw a graduation party t George martin's in June and they did a great job. The food was very good. Check them out