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Oct 22, 2008 10:33 AM

Dakilang Lahi - Filipino - Eatontown NJ

New place. I stopped by late evening, just to look. It smelled great in there. Nice large informal dining space. Very nice people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have buffet on Sundays.

Dakilang Lahi - Filipino Store and Restaurant (strip mall just south of Wendy's)
3702 Rt 35
Eatontown NJ
732 460 0323

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  1. I also stopped by on Tuesday. Not much of a crowd there at lunchtime. Guess no one knows about the place. I was next door having my nails done and spotted it. I did see my favorite on the menu, lumpia. WIll try it for lunch one day.

    1. does anyone know if they take cash only or credit card?

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        They moved the bus station near the Television near the door now is a coffee station.

      2. I had a mixed experience on my first visit to Dakilang Lahi. I'm hoping it's just because they're new and working the kinks out. I'm eager to hear what others think of this place.

        I stopped in around 3:30 on a weekday for a late lunch. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a bus station loaded with dirty dishes. The rest of the place seemed clean enough, but for some reason they locate the bus station right by the front door. If I hadn't been very motivated to try the food, I would have left then and there.

        There were several staff people moving around the place, but no one looked at me, nor welcomed me. I waited by the counter while another customer took a very long time choosing their items. The server never acknowleged me. Again I was tempted to leave. I don't think they were being intentionally rude or lazy, I believe they are not trained in customer service.

        After about 10 minutes I got my combo plate and ate to the sound of a wall-mounted TV. The portions were generous. I chose a pork with vegetables, including bitter melon slices. I have almost no experience with Filipino food, but this dish seemed thrown together and not carefully seasoned. The other dish, beef with onions, was quite tasty. Unfortunately, the buffet station had no knives to cut the beef.

        The price is very reasonable. Two meats, with rice, and a bottle of water were about $8 w/ tax.

        Dear Chowhounds, let's give this place a chance. On the strength of the good beef dish, I plan to return during a busy dining time, when the owner is likely to be there, and the prepared food has higher turnover.

        I'm hoping they might move the bus station and tell the staff to be welcoming. I will have no qualms about advising the owner, if she wants to hear me.

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        1. re: val ann c

          Went there yesterday afternoon to pick up a take-out menu, but they had run out. Depending on the size and amount of hoopla involved in the opening of a new establishment I generally give them 1 to 6 months to get their acts together. I may have to lean to the former as this location, since Arturo's closed like a decade ago, does not have a great history of long lived eateries...

        2. Yah I wasn’t crazy about the staff either. They were walking around the restaurant and there was an infant sleeping around the dining area while I’m assuming the owner’s relatives/guests are walking around and playing real loud music and the kids were too much.

          I am very familiar with Asian food but the Filipino dish I wanted was not available. I think they lack good customer service which I find very disappointing.

          I ended up ordering the Pork Dinuguan and Rice but I wasn’t crazy about it. It is supposed to taste vinegary but theirs wasn’t. I am coming back though to give their Filipino tamarind Soup a shot. That’s how I can tell whether the cook is good or not since the soup is really distinctive to Filipino exclusively.

          I must say the owner and her husband seem to be nice people. So I am giving t his place another shot.

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          1. re: AsianVixen

            They have vinegar and other condiments for you to put on your food. You can always add more vinegar.

          2. The original comment has been removed