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Oct 22, 2008 10:17 AM

Japanese Robatayaki/Korean BBQ rec?

Husband's birthday is coming up and he would LOVE to go to a Japanese place that focused on a menu other than sushi - is anyone aware of any places that have grilled veggies and meats aka Robatayaki? I see that Tako Grill has it, anyone try there? We went to a Korean place abt 9 mos ago in Annandale for Korean BBQ, don't remember the name. If we can't go Japanese, have any suggestions for a Korean place? Location not an issue, since it's a special dinner


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  1. Tako Grill is very good, for grilled fish, veggies, etc., as well as inventive sushi. Has an expanded sake bar and menu as well. Wheaton has a number of Korean BBQ, including Woomi Gardens

    1. I like Tako as well for their grilled foods and the cooked appetizers on the menu.

      For Korean, try Honey Pig (Gool Dae Gee) on Columbia Pike behind the Bank of America in Annandale for incredible BBQ. Not much for atmosphere unless you are into sports or into bubblegum pop Korean. But the food is outstanding and cheap. Great Soju too. Dinner for two till you're so full you are going to pop is less than $50.

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        I wanted to report on Honey Pig. We tried this today for lunch. We were very disappointed. It was, frankly, very bland. We had the spicy pork belly, which was not spicy and basically just uncured bacon. The sides were bland and lacking. There were few and nothing was very interesting, even the kimchee was nearly tasteless. We also had the shortribs. They tasted good, but the sides made it very disappointing.

        The one thing both my wife and I enjoyed was the kimchee and pork soup. It was very good. Full flavored and a little spicy as well.

        I have had better, way way better, in Annandale, I just have to find it again. I will post when I figure out where it was and what it was called.

        1. re: sekelmaan

          While I agree that many places have far better sides, I have not been to any other BBQ in Annandale that comes close int he meat department. So we must agree to disagree.

          Last Saturday we had the #1 pork belly with grilled kim chee, grilled onions garlic & green pepper and it couldn't have been more flavorful. We followe that with a spicy chul pan featuring pork belly and squid that morphed into fried rice with onion, seaweed & other veggies.

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        1. My favorite place for Korean BBQ right now is Hee Been, and it would be good for a birthday. Its just off I-395 at 6231 Little River Tpke, Alexandria, VA 22312.

          At about $27 per person at dinner it isn't cheap, but they have one of the better buffets in the area (korean or otherwise). In addition to all the typical Korean dishes, accompaniments, and the raw meats that they will grill at your table, they have snow crabs, oysters, sushi (made fresh continuously), tempura veggies, udon soups, and other delicacies.

          They also have a great menu if you prefer that to the buffet, and if you have a larger party they have private 10 person rooms where you sit around a sunken table.