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Oct 22, 2008 09:59 AM

advice for anniversary dinner: cru, cafe boulud, or blue hill?

looking for advice on anniversary dinner ... deciding between cru, cafe boulud, blue hill.

i know that we will probably be happy with whatever we choose but since we have not been to any of them before, any comments from those that have are much appreciated!

and any comments from those that have been to more than one of them - and why you prefer one over the other - are even more welcome!

if it makes any difference, we will care more about great food and solid service than atmosphere or ambience.

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    1. re: spmimi

      Haven't been to Blue Hill yet (its on the list) but I have been to the other three. EMP is probably my second favorite restaurant in NY (behind only Per Se). Fantastic food, great service, stunning room, good wine service- overall terrific. We've had both the 4 course and the Gourmand- the Gourmand Menu is unforgettable, though it is a lot of food and they did just raise the price if that's a factor.

      Cru was also very good and we've been meaning to return. Cru is known for wine and rightfully so, but the food is also great. As we were leaving the maitre d' asked which we preferred more, the food or the wine. I wasn't sure. He said you have to consider that the wine you can buy on your own but not the food. I thought that was interesting though I'm still not sure. So, also terrific, but a step below EMP IMO.

      Cafe Boulud is also very good food wise, but I just found the atmosphere to be too stuffy/loud/crowded. It might be an age thing- most of the patrons at Cafe Boulud are over 50 so its a different vibe. Food wise, again it is very good but I'd also say a step below Cru and EMP.

    2. I agree Eleven Madison is great choice for anniversary dinner. I did not love cafe boulud. I would say go to Cru or Blue HIll. Blue Hill i'm leaning more towards. You can't go wrong with that place

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      1. re: banjolinana

        thanks! because my husband knew the other chef at EMP, who has since left, it was never a place for us to consider (don't ask, long story, and it doesn't matter) but i know it's been getting rave reviews ever since daniel humm arrived.

        the more i read about cafe boulud, the more i think we probably wouldn't enjoy as much (similar to your comment about the atmosphere, di82).

        blue hill intrigues me more than anything, sustainable farming, etc etc.

        ahh, i wish all my decision making were this difficult! ;-)

        1. re: spmimi

          And nothing says anniversary like a quarter pounder with cheese sitting on the side of Merrick Road at All-American Drive-In. If I know your husband (which I don't, but I think I know the type), I'd say either of these would be preferred to the choices you have listed.

          But if you must, I'd choose EMP or Blue Hill in that order. I've not been to either of them, but I've been meaning to based on what I've read on here.

          Of course, I also hear you can get a hell of a hot dog at the Hoe Bowl.

          1. re: spmimi

            Blue Hill is a very special experience; would be great for an anniversary dinner, but bring your wallet!