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Oct 22, 2008 09:52 AM

Truffle Oil - Peterborough

I've been looking for truffle oil in Peterborough but have come up empty.

Would anyone know where I can buy this in my area without having to travel to Toronto? The Oshawa / Whitby area is easy for me to reach as well.


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  1. Zip on down to Herma's Fine Foods and Gifts on hwy 28, just north of the 401, tell her Karen from Ottawa sent you.

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    1. re: kaymanti

      great thanks! Is that the gift store beside the produce market? I go to the market all the time but have never went in the store - it may not be the place you mean. Either way, it would just be a little furthan down 28. Thanks agin.

      1. re: jesleb

        ya, its next to "Vander..." something fruit market, has an interlock front entrance if that helps. Do walk in, youll have trouble walking out again!

        1. re: jesleb

          Hermas is a shock when you walk inside, but you'll have to get past the glitzy shmaltzy gift section. Beyond that you'll find a warren of really high end products - from ingredients to utensils. Really a godsend for this part of the world.

          1. re: jesleb

            Hermas is a shock when you walk inside. Go through the shmaltzy gift section and you'll find a warren of rooms stocked with all sorts of high end stuff from ingredients to utensils. A real godsend when you live out in this area and suddenly need, well, truffle oil for example.

        2. Try FireHouse Gourmet on Hunter Street East. I have also bought some from In A Nuttshell in Lakefield (though you may want to call first to see if they still have any).

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          1. re: kawarthagirl

            The "glitzy shmaltzy gift" look is exactly why I haven't went in before. I think I'll take a drive out this weekend.

            I've been in FireHouse several times and didn't ever notice it, but didn't really look either. I don't venture into east city all that often so I forgot the store was even there.

            Thanks! I'm sure I'll find it now.

          2. The closest place is probably Lakefield "In a Nuttshell"
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