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Oct 30, 2003 06:56 PM

Cheese in Orange County

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Is there a retail outlet in OC kind of like the Cheeseboard in Berkeley? By the way, if you haven't been there, they have probably 2-300 varieties of cheese as well as breads and pastries and a small pizza restaurant. It'd fabulous!

Anything like it in Orange County or elsewhere in SoCal?

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  1. answers. I think we've concluded before that there's nothing like the Cheeseboard in Berkeley except the Cheeseboard in Berkeley. I have no idea about Orange County, but the best cheese stores in L.A. county are The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills ( and Cheese Store of Silverlake ( Both are pricey but have good selections. In your neck of the woods Bristol Farms and Whole Foods might be the best options. Oh, and there's nothing like the Berkeley Bowl either.

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      There is absolutely nothing like the Cheeseboard in OC. In fact, OC is kind of a wasteland when it comes to the artisinal cheeses and breads you'll find in SF and LA. Yes, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods have some cheeses, but they haven't necessarily been handled all that well. For bread, there is the Village Bakery in Costa Mesa (they tried selling artisinal cheeses, but sadly, no one bought them so they discontinued the practice) that has acceptable sourdough, olive bread, great croissants and a few cookies. The granola is pretty good, too.

    2. You might try these:

      Mother's Market, Gelson's Market, Farm to Market, HOWs Market (Pasadena) saw something about Newport Beach Cheese store, but didn't find it on a search. If you live closer to San Diego, try Jimbo's in Carlsbad or Major Market in Fallbrook. Trader Joe's down here has some decent selection and some of the chain stores (even though on strike) has some impressive items. Ralph's Fresh Fare (Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Irvine) and Albertson's (Fullerton-Gilbert)

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        1. Well, since the topic has been re-opened after six years...

          There is nothing like the Cheeseboard anywhere in LA or OC. Your closest in LA will be the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, followed by the Cheese Store of Silverlake, the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City, and possibly Monsieur Marcel (especially for French cheeses).

          In OC, I like Frog's Breath on Glassell, just north of the Orange Circle. It's more like 50 cheeses instead of 200-300, but I like it and they actually treat their cheese well.

          As for the Cheeseboard Pizza Collective (known to me as "Communist pizza" because 100% of the people who eat there on a given day select one kind of pie), there is absolutely nothing like it anywhere else in California. Sorry.

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            Also Lucca's in Irvine has a very small selection of artisanal cheese & charcuterie

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              I agree, the cheese shop collective and the neighboring pizza place in Berkeley are amazing and, unfortunately, completely unique as far as I know.

              I second Frog's Breath and Lucca (Lucca also has some great salumi including from M. Batali's dad out of Seattle, and Fra Manni).

              Also, don't forget about Pascal Epicerie, which has a small but carefully chosen selection of fantastic cheeses, I believe all from France. Black Sheep Bistro also has a small selection of some of the great cheeses from France, Italy, and Spain.

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                There are a few other places in Orange County to offer great artisinal cheeses, but they are not necessaruly a huge megamarts concentrating only on that.
                One place is in Costa Mesa on 17th Street
                (1) Picnics.
                435 E 17th St
                Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3224
                (949) 722-7200

                Another is in Laguna Beach near the location of the Sawdust Festival.
                (2) Laguna Culinary Arts
                845 Laguna Canyon Road
                Laguna Beach, CA 92651
                Tel: 949-494-4006
                Fax: 949-376-0265
                with hours from 11:30am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday & 11:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday.

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                  A Market in NB on PCH has a good selection, albeit also on the smaller side compared to Cheeseboard.

                2. Also, the Pantry at Sapphire Restaurant in Laguna Beach has a small walk-in style cheese locker -- the cheese version of a humidor. A bit pricey but I suppose that's to be expected.