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Oct 22, 2008 08:46 AM

Gift Certificate for Newlyweds living in DC

I just went to a wedding for a relative that lives in DC. The bride and groom are both 30. I don't know anything about their food tastes. They didn't register anywhere, so I thought I would send them some restaurant gift certificate(s). I haven't lived in DC for 8 years, so I am out of the loop. Any good ideas? They live in Adams Morgan. I have a feeling they aren't very adventurous or into extreme ethnic foods.....maybe somewhere romantic?

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  1. In Adams Morgan you can get them a certificate to Cashion's Eat Place. It's a wonderful neighborhood restaurant serving seasonal cuisine, in a relaxed atmosphere. I think it also can me romantic, but maybe that's because many of my dates with my bf at the begining of our relationship were there.

    Another fun place to consider would be Co Co Sala. They restaurant has a chocolate and coffee theme. You can have a full meal there or just choose from the dessert tasting menu. Everything is very creative and delicious! When I went with my friend we both agreed it was the perfect place for a date night.

    Other places to consider: Equinox, Palena, Zola, and Restaurant Eve (in Alexandria). I think the place also depends on how much you want to spend.

    1. In this type of situation I wouldn't give them a gift certificate to a specific place, rather to a restaurant group so they can choose the restaurant. There's the one that owns DC Coast, TenPhen, etc, and then there's also always Jose's restaurants like Jaleo and Zaytinya.

      1. Little Fountain Cafe would be perfect and it's in Adam's Morgan