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Oct 22, 2008 08:41 AM

Pot au Feu, Providence

Anyone been to Pot au Feu recently? The reviews seem outdated... I'm looking to dine in the bistro if that's any help.

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  1. The bistro is the only part that still open. Upstairs has been closed for over a year. Only open for special parties. Bistro is excellent as always.

    1. Was there Friday., had the steak frites (in a brown sauce, and with bearnaise) and companion had the roast duck with potatoes (sour cream dill sauce) and with broccoli rabe. Both came with small plate of greens and was provided French bread.

      The steak was cooked perfectly, seared, with a crust on the outside and tender inside. There was a lack of flavor that was greatly alleviated by the bearnaise. Not sure why this lack of flavor was, it wasn't filet mignon as far as I could tell. The frites were fantastic, crisp, and soft inside, tender all over, just came from frying. The greens were fine, with the blue cheese creamy. The French bread was outstanding, crusty and soft inside, substantial, and extremely warm.

      Companion was pleased with the duck, the small bit I had seemed mushy in texture, but I am probably used to poor duck. Her potatoes were fine, and we both found the broccoli rabe to be bitter (had never had it, I guess that is what it tastes like).

      The service was excellent, with every need met. The owner or manager asked us how everything was...and said cook has been there for 22 years. The environs are intimate and attractive, if a little noisy...a nicely appointed cellar atmosphere. Beware if you go to have enough time, because there seems to be just one chef and we only had entrees and it still was hard to get out of there within an hour...can only imagine with apps and dessert how long it would be. But it is a fine place to relax, so the amount of time is not really a problem. Extremely reasonably priced also for the level of service.

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        Thanks for the detailed report! It is greatly appreciated... will probably try it out soon!