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Oct 22, 2008 08:36 AM

Happy Hour at Metro Center

Can anyone recommend a happy hour at Metro Center?

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  1. Ceiba is not to far from Metro Center and they have a great happy hour. You can find details on their website but they have a special drink (with a Latin theme) each day and there are free appetizers (also listed on the website). The lounge is pretty big, with comfy chairs. Certainly one of my favorite happy hours in the area.

      1. re: Jeserf

        Where you looking for directly in the Metro Center area? If not, Jeserf is right...PS7 has a great happy hour. It's closer to Gallery Place/Chinatown though.

        1. re: Elyssa

          Sorry. I lump them all in together.

          it's about 4 or 5 blocks from "metro center" station, or a 15 second metro ride