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Niagara Falls Restaurant

I am going to Niagara Falls this weekend for some wine tastings. I wondered if anyone could suggest a place for dinner. We are staying right downtown, and as far as I can tell everything around there is fast food "Boston Pizza". I am looking for a romantic, quite out of the way spot. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Good luck with this one. We were there for the first time last year. I assumed there would be plenty of upscale places, so didn't ask for recs. Could find nothing but fast food and chains. Maybe we missed something...

    1. I had dinner at the Sushi& Oyster resturant in fallsview casino.. for me, that is as best as I could find in Niagara...

      1. Check out this website - you should find some nice places in here...
        I would also suggest The Pinncale http://www.pinnacleniagara.com/ This was one of the restaurants that was on the tv show Restaurant Makeover.

        1. Queenstong Heights Restaurant. I haven't been in years but it was excellent back then. Great view. Only good as long as light allows though.

          Try driving down to Niagara on the Lake.


          1. Buttercupv, you won't find much right in Niagara Falls. Your best bets would be:

            -AG, at the Sterling Hotel;
            -Casa Mia Ristorante; or,
            -Caffe Napoli.

            If you are willing to drive 20 minutes, your range of places opens up substantially. Queenston Heights is a nice suggestion. Zest in Fonthill and Wellington Court or Treadwell in St. Catharines are all excellent. Stone Road Grille or Charles Inn in Niagara-on-the-lake are both great.

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              Which do you think is better: Stone Road or Treadwell?

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                I think Gourmando knows both chefs - so I'll step in here to allow him to be diplomatic.
                First, you can't go wrong with either! They're both excellent.
                I find the winelist at Treadwell to be better. The food is excellent at both, but the atmosphere at Treadwell is more 'fine dining' - it's more casual at Stone Road.
                My strategy would be lunch at Stone Road and Dinner at Treadwell!
                [Actually my real strategy is to fly out of Buffalo - the prices are often less than 50% of YYZ. So I drive down, stay overnight in Buffalo and dine at one on the way down, and the other on the way back - the choice depending on my departure/arrival times. Even with the motel I can sometimes pay for the meal(s) and still break even].

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                  Thanks for the rec! This will be my first NOTL trip (end of November) so I'm already excitedly planning :)

            2. Although I don't have recs, I feel the same way as bnemes. In Niagara Falls proper, it seems they're all 1. lousy chain restaurants or 2. beautiful facade restaurants but tourist traps with mediocre food and exorbitant prices.
              May I recount 2 tales (I'm going back a few years); package deal at best western or hojo's which included $100 coupon for Bullseye steakhouse and three $20 coupons for Dennys.
              Next day went to Dennys for breakfast (big deal, breakfast, right). Standard breakfast fare for two people - 2 eggs, bacon, toast, juice, coffee and a soda. Price BEFORE tip: $48...
              for a simple breakfast. OK, we had a $20 coupon, so it was $28 'out-of-pocket', but still expensive for nothing (we gave our remaining coupons to people waiting to get in. I told them "don't thank me until after you get the bill...)
              Bullseye Steakhouse (or 'Longhorn' or something lake that) couple of steaks and a couple bottles wine, $280. This may be OK at your higher end joint, but this was by no means high end - extremely mediocre.

              I think these restaurants simply cater to the tourist trade - make the place look good to attract a customer, feed 'em as cheaply as you can, charge as much as you can. Who cares? The customer ain't coming back and no problem since hundreds of tourists are going to take the next place...

              With that said, I agree with other posters that for a romantic out of the way place, you may have to travel a bit and look around.

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                Ok so Niagara On The Lake it is!

                Thanks for all the suggestions!

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                  Ha - that Denny's was one of the biggest scams in town. Denny's is famous for their cheap breakfasts and that place was waaaaaaaaaay overpriced. It's been replaced by the Hilton expansion which is now underway - good riddance.

                  There are some decent (but overpriced) restaurants with nice views in the Hilton and Marriott Fallsview hotels but generally, yeah, you have to go a bit out of town for the really nice places.

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                    The Watermark resto in the Hilton is really mediocre with a great view. It totally works for breakfast, but we had a vocher for dinner and it was really lame. Nothing was horrible but was super bland.

                    If you're actually in the Fallsview area the best is Noir 17 in the casino. You have to walk through the high roller gaming area to get to it, so it's sort of tucked away. But the food is solid and had a good wine list as well. We havn't been since shortly after it opened but planning a trip to the casino in a couple of weeks and planning on a meal there so will report back.

                    Also insanely overpriced Denny's still exists in the falls area up on Victoria. That and TGI Fridays are piss poor versions of their US counterparts served at about 3x the price.

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                      Remington's is passable, and they offer a great special, where you can add a full lobster tail to any meal you order for 7.99. They bring you melted butter to the table. Its the best I've had in the falls -but again I agree there is a huge void in this area that has the potential to be a very big food destination!

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                        Just to follow up had dinner at 17 Noir and it was excellent last night. Actually better than we remember it being a year ago. Started with a rocotta gnocci which was excellent. A couple of the pan seared gnocci were a bit on the mushy side but otherwise it was all very tasty. Partner had oysters and said they were great. For mains Partner had a black cod special and said it was one of the best pieces of fish he'd ever been served and perfectly prepared. I had the stuffed chicken which was loaded with mozz and crusted with romano. It was basically a very fancy and rich chicken parm dish and was excllent. Meat was super juicy and perfectly cooked. Just an outstanding meal and exceeded expectations.

                        The night before we had a meal at Lucky's at the older Casino Niagara It's sort of a Keg-ish level steak house but was another pleasant suprise. The meatloaf was enough to feed 2 people and outstanding. The steak sandwhich was also enough to feed two people. Nothing fancy but very solid comfort food, decent prices and solid service. Dinner with martinis, salads, and mains and a bottle of wine came to around $100 before tip. Again nothing fancy but it blows away the overpriced chains in the area. Not sure why but always just assumed this place would be bad becuse of the location but totally suprised at how enjoyable the meal was.

                        Both of these restos are located inside the respective casinos so everyone needs to be 19 to get to them.

                  2. definitely try Napoli. We were there over the summer and were wishing our stay was for another day - just so we could have another meal. It is well priced, fair portions, pleasant and well informed service staff, and the food is great!

                    1. Not too sure about dinner spots. I sure couldn't find any when I was there worth posting about. For a quick light lunch, Cheese Secrets in NOTL has amazing grilled sandwiches-well worth stopping by. The Golf Club was recommended for lunch but aside from the view was very forgettable-skip it.

                      1. Having lived in NOTL for 10 years let me say:

                        Casa Mia is the only place to eat in NF and it's mediocre at best.
                        Treadwell is great; SRG also. Tony de Luca has opened a new pizza pasta joint in NOTL called The Old Winery which is reliable nice. The Charles in NOTL as well as the Epicurean are also v. nice. Believe it or not the Prince of Wales dining room is grand and teh food nice, but expensive. Zest in NOTL is just weird food and Zee's I find to be highly overrated (full disclosure I am a chef and know all the aforementioned chefs personally). The Pie Plate in Virgil does a nice little dinner menu that is unpretentious and usually delicious. They're licensed. Any hidden gems? Ginger in NOTL is doing FANTASTIC chinese food, very authentic but with a modern twist that is just delish and rivals anything I've had in Toronto.