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Oct 22, 2008 08:17 AM

Jean-George's or Daniel: most romantic?

I am looking to choose between these two fabulous restaurants to take my boyfriend to for an anniversary dinner. I want to do the tasting menu and wine pairing. Which one is the most romantic? I loved Bouley because we can sit next to each other on a sofa and enjoy our meal. Is that possible at either of these establishments? I also noticed that the lighting at Jean-George looks a bit bright by the website. I've never been to either restaurant. HELP!!

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  1. You can sit side by side at the small oval tables they have at JG. But if you want to sit side by side at Daniel, you can request to sit corner to corner at a square table as well (usually for four).

    I haven't been to Daniel since they remodeled, but I've had better dining experiences at JG - more creativity, better execution. And the marshmallows at the end are the best. Very intimate and warm environment.

    1. I loved Bouley for the same reason. It has a very cozy warm feel. I do not think JG would meet that same criteria. It is beautiful but has a more stuffy feel. The marshmallows are great as sammyw111 said. I have not been to Daniel but think it might be your better choice.

      1. I certainly sat side by side last time I was at Jean-Georges, but whatever the restaurant I advise you to request that when you make the reservation.

        1. while I would consider the room at Daniel more classically romantic, I would opt for JG every time as the food, IMO, is far more interesting and memorable

          1. We haven't been to Daniel since the total refurbishment. Though the previous decor was exceedingly opulent, I never felt that the dining room was particularly romantic. Photos of the new decor posted on eater show decor that is the polar opposite, i.e., not a hint of frou frou and quite modernist. It doesn't appear to provide romantic ambiance, but it could be different in person.

            When we had dinner at Jean Georges, we were seated side-by-side at a table in a cozy little nook with subdued lighting which was quite romantic. There are two such nooks, one on each side of the dining room. If you decide to go to Jean Georges, you should request one of them.