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Oct 22, 2008 07:45 AM

Anyone own or have used the Kitchen Grips *mitts*

I never came across a mitt I like. Still resort to the regular padded ones - sometimes they transfer the heat too much....but I get good feel/grip with them.

The silicone jobbies or quasi cloth-silicone like the Oxos - bought them but they are too stiff...

Tried the Kitchen Grips *euro versions* which I believe has a slimmer cut. Grips feel good in my hands.

Just wondering how good or bad they transfer heat...

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  1. I have some sort of OveGlove knock-off that I received as a gift. It looks just like a knit glove, cream with olive green dashes on it (for grip). You'd think (from looking at it) that it would be totally useless, but it's fantastic. I can pull my cast iron pan out of a 450 oven, hold onto dark baking sheets straight from a 500 oven, and even lift out my pizza stone without feeling much heat at all. I toss it in the washer and drier once a week. My only complaint is that if it gets soaking wet, all bets are off. I think it came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    1. I have the Kitchen Grips - they were expensive, but I hoped they would be the last pair I would need to buy. I never bought the silicone ones because I thought they wouldn't provide enough dexterity. Love the Kitchen Grips - heat doesn't transfer too fast, eventually you feel it but it's never been an issue. And I do have an Ove Glove which I live when I need more precision for whatever reason.

      1. I also have an OveGlove (I think i got it at Target in a section where they have a few As Seen On TV items) and I think it works great. I have small hands and find other mitts to be way to larget for me. The OveGlove gives me a good grip without feeling like they are slipping off my hands. It works great no matter how hot the oven or pans are. I have washed mine in the disherwasher even.

        1. I ended up ordering a set of Kool-tek Oven mitts today.

          I was trying to get a better sense of the Kitchen Grip mitts and not alot of retailers had them. And the ones that did ...did not have a good idea on their model lines. I don't know if the Euro *design* is their standard design/fitment, or is it a different series. Was unable to get a concrete answer thus...Kool tek mitts it was.