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Oct 22, 2008 07:43 AM

Short Pump Lunch Rec.

My wife and I will be getting an early start on our Christmas shopping next week in the Short Pump area. I would like to find a good, non chain meal. The only criteria would be that it is during lunch hours and close to the Short Pump retail although it doesn't need to be inside that area. Neither the price nor type of cuisine matter. My only previous meal in that area was China Star on Cox Road which was very good.....if you request the chinese menu. DD 33 is a possibility but the lunch menu looks ordinary compared to their dinner menu. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have not been to DD33 for lunch but dinner there is very good. If you like sushi and the like Osaka (next to the Regal Cinema on Broad just east of Short Pump Town Center) has a good lunch selection with sushi, fusion rolls, tempura, etc.

    1. Tara Thai is quite good (although, now that I think of it the last time I ate at the Richmond location was 2 years ago). Its in the Short Pump center.

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        have been there more recently and i think tara thai is just average.
        if you want ethnic - ichiban is great at ridgefield near pump. they have a sister restaurant umi sushi bistro right across from short pump that i've heard is nice but i've never been there (my kids love the more traditional japanese at ichiban or the hibachi at kanpai? so we never go there) so i can't vouch for it.
        malabar is nice indian at lauderdale (shops at wellesley). they have a buffet. better off the menu but a good value.
        patina grill is in the same shopping center.
        also right across from the mall is barrel thief - a wine bar/shop with a salad/panini type menu. i don't know their lunch hours but it's cute.
        i like dd33 but again have only been there for dinner. if you're going that far, bistro r is only a block farther and i know does lunch. not exotic though.
        just west of short pump in the new connected mall/plaza is a place called far east bistro and the hibachi place that opened a new place from the south side. probably the highest quality hibachi i've ever had - and i've had A LOT since it's my kids special occasion place of choice. i don't know if they even do lunch.

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          Hey there AMFM....i am sorry i'm a bit confused...what is the name of the high quality hibachi place? My family loves hibachi....

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            sorry it WAS confusing since i couldn't remember the name. :)

            we thought it was GREAT. really. and they had tuna (which i'd never had done that way before and was amazing). you could just really taste the quality of their ingredients and the space is beautiful. it's huge. i hope they do well, opening in this economy.
            the only thing we didn't like was the sauce on the sesame chicken for the kids. rest was excellent.

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              Thanks, I'll try it next time the little one is traveling with me. I had a co-worker with me & we tried Umi Sushi Bistro. We only had 1 real sushi roll & it was one of those "kitchen sink" rolls...good. We both tried the cooked fish dishes off the menu. I had the black cod which had a yummy glaze with good spinach and rice on the side. The other was the sea bass...also very tasty with a cold rice on the side which was a surprise but good. Yummy red bean ice cream for dessert. Friendly but clueless service....

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                glad to hear. i loved her at ichiban. her sister is doing a great job there now. hope the service improves - i didn't realize they had cooked fish like that. maybe i will have to check it out.

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                  so i finally made it to umi bistro and was really disappointed. beautiful space and much more hip menu than the one she left at ichiban but ichiban is still spot on and delicious. this was not. was there for lunch with a friend. tried the spicy shrimp and cilantro soup (i forget the name). quite spicy. not bad but not amazing. the seaweed salad was fine. the edamame had seriously started to go bad. the tokyo roll which is my favorite at ichiban (shrimp tempura with cucumber, avocado and spicy tuna) was just not good. no flavor at all in the tuna. the california roll was not even well rolled. just blah. literally threw away my leftovers because after feeling "off" that night (NOT in any way blaming the restaurant) i just didn't want to eat it again. and sushi is such a treat for me that that is amazing. so anyway, i may have just hit them on an off day but my main point is that if you are near there - just go to ichiban! it is a real jewel.

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            I second Malabar and Patina Grill, but my favorite Short Pump shopping respite is Barrel Thief. Great paninis and salads. They make a real effort to get local ingredients - bread from a local baker, chocolates from a local chocolate shop. Plus it's all in a wine shop and personally I need a glass after spending any time in the mall! They're always willing to pour a taste of something before you commit. And as long as you're not there during dinner hours Friday or Saturday, you can buy a bottle from the store at retail, open it and drink some, then put a cork in and take the rest home!