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Tupelo, MS--Where should we eat?

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I searched the board without luck. Will be in Tupelo for three days. Looking for the good places to eat--lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Thanks!

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  1. I am originally from the Tupelo area and only get back there 3 or 4 times a year. Therefore, I tend to go back to the same old places that I loved when I lived near there. Vanelli's is my favorite -- a mixture of Italian, Greek, and American food. I have not been since Pappa Vanelli died. I don't know if it has changed. Woody's is another good option. Both are on North Gloster.

    Sweet Pepper's Deli is a regional chain. They do have some tasty sandwiches. Connie's Fried Chicken, across from the hospital, is in an old fast food restraunt building. It maintains that fast food atmosphere, but the food is wonderful -- crispy fried chicken, biscuits, gravey, etc.

    Don't bother with Harvey's or the Rib Cage. I have had multiple bad experiences at both places. I am sorry to say that there are a LOT of chains.

    For an adventure, ask for directions to one of the many steak and fish houses out in the country in that area. Great food, wonderful characters, and sometimes beautiful rural scenery.

    I am sure there are many great new places, but I like to go back to my old faves for the comfort of home feel.

    1. Try the eggplant Napoleon (if you like that sort of thing) at the Boondocks Grill.

      Other restaurants profiled here:


      Boondocks Grill
      206 Troy St, Tupelo, MS 38804

      1. There's a great sandwich shop called Weezie's in the shopping center by the Wal-Mart in the old part of town. It's not your average sandwich shop. They've got delicious food!!! I'm not sure if it's on the menu or not, you might have to ask for it, but they have a steak and cheese on a spinach wrap that will melt in your mouth!!! It's clean, has great food, and there's just something about it that makes you feel like you've found a hidden treasure in Tupelo, MS.

        1. We were just there over Thanksg. and ate at a new place-on McCullough Blvd. it's called the Old Venice Pizza Co.-had decent pizza for the south and lots of other Italian entrees. We had the supreme pizza and it came with a cup of crawfish chowder (at lunch) that was good.

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            does anyone knw of any good crawfish boils in Tupelo? thnx

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              Crawfish are out of season now. Tupelo is not exactly "cajun country" anyway.

          2. This is about a place for a mid-day meal. It's not just lunch.

            This is real food, served in big portions and cooked with love by the Brother and Sister who own and run this road side spot. Only Monday to Friday and if my memory is correct, only 11am or so until 2pm. Never on Sunday!
            Menu has some different features depending on which day you go.

            Not in Tupelo but only a bit south in Verona, go enjoy the best southern cooking this southern boy who now lives in NJ has had in years. (Grew up in Jones County)

            Take a look:


            Best Regards,
            Ron Carter