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Oct 22, 2008 06:35 AM

Can anyone think of a list of round/circular foods?

Hello! Our dinner group meets once a month and my cohost and I are considering doing the theme of round foods. We need to think of a few apps, 2 entrees and a few desserts. Food is generally interesting and special occasion/ethnic food is encouraged.

I have already thought of scallops over couscous for an entree and an angel food cake with blueberry sauce for dessert (there are a few diabetics in the group so we were going to use sugar substitute and bake the cake in a bundt pan).

Can anyone think of other ideas? Vegetarian options are always encouraged.


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  1. Pizzaili's (sp?) another great dessert that's low cal.
    Melba rounds with slice of cuke and salmon mousse on top for an app. (or anything on top)
    A nice pork loin sliced in disc's. on polenta rounds.

    Also make a nice round salad, crabmeat would go nice with your scallops. See one version of what I mean:

    Or you could go with mediterrain salad tower with tomato, sliced motz and sliced onion

    Have fun!

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      Highball glasses for the drinks.

      Mini pizzas. A round bread hollowed out with a dip inside. Mini bagels with any number of toppings.

      Fancy sliders.

      Cookies. An ice cream bombe. Pie.

    2. dip in a round bread "bowl"
      eggplant....the globes
      zucchini & yellow squash
      acorn squash, sliced in rounds
      grilled round radicchio, halved
      grilled portobello caps
      stuffed tomatoes

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        some kind of salad with roasted beets and hearts of palm?

      2. deviled eggs
        mini bagels
        there are so many options!!!

        Oh, I don't think you can make an angel food cake in a bundt pan, it won't come out. You need an angel food cake / sponge cake pan. The kind where the bottom detatches.

        1. Well, you should have lots of options, half the food world is round, or so it seems.

          - Ravioli's - deep fried with a dipping sauce for an app. Also, can be cooked, cooled and served at room temp with a basic salsa as an app. Jumbo ravolis with - your choice of filling if you make your own - with sauce.

          - Eggplants are round if you cut them crosswise, not length wise. Eggplant parmesan for an etnree.

          - Zucchini are round too, so you could do a zucchini lasagna. Or take lasgna noodles, lay them out flat, put some filling in, roll up, put in your baking dish, cover with sauce and cheese and bake.

          - Brushetta for an app, makes use of round baugettes and round tomatoes

          - Potatoes are round if cut crosswise, you can do tons of things with them.

          - Use various widths of PVC piping to construct composed salads or side dishes by layering ingredients into the PVC piping and then removing the mold. The end result will be a prefectly round finished dish. Look into Peruvian causas, they're extremely versatile and make a great appetizer if made small or a nice entree if made with wider piping.

          - Beef tenderloin is round, do a classic by wrapping pieces of tenderloin in bacon, and then saute and finish in the oven, sauce of your choice.

          - Pork tenderloin is round too and very versatile in preparation styles

          - Depending upon your group, eels are round

          - Carrots are round, slice and finish however your want

          - Beets are round and there are probably a gazillion recipes and variations for the ubiquitous beet & goat cheese salad

          - Tortillas are round, do quesadillas, or tacos or taquitos/rolled tacos for appetizers

          Think about using agave nectar as a sugar substitute (directions for substituting for sugar are on the package). Many diabetics can tolerate agave nectar. It also makes a pretty decent substitute for simple sugar in cocktails.

          1. Pork Tenderloin cut into slices and pan-sauteed with slices of apple on top.

            Grilled tomatoes and portobello mushroom caps

            And everything DiningDiva said. :-)