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Oct 22, 2008 06:08 AM

Philly - Great Apps Near 1st Unitarian Church?

Will be in Philly this Sunday. Going to a show at the Unitarian Church (22nd and Chestnut) that night and I'm looking for a fun place to hang out prior. Any ethnicity is fine, nothing too fancy, price isn't a concern. TVs/football is totally fine, my husband would probably prefer it! Thanks.

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    1. yea tria's great for small plates... as is tinto. great wines at both, tho you can really make more of a dinner of tinto (especially if price is Reeeeeeally no object). i've not been to snackbar lately but that's a super cute close place with... more small plates!!!

      OR, if you drink, you can do what i just did when going to a show there... hit up a BYO with a good arsenal of wine, and bring the remainder with you along to the church with a couple picnic wine cups. :) i think as long as the show doesn't get too rough they don't say anything (there is no bar there - this is pretty much standard practice). the BYO i went to last week was smile cafe (thai) at 22+chestnut, but i actually wasn't blown away by the food. i prefer erawan for thai, just around the corner (tho they may not be open sunday - can't recall). OR see if it's not too late to get a reservation at BYO matyson - you would not be disappointed!!

      1. I haven't been here but it looks cute and it's at 19th and Chestnut.

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          Smith's is ... well, it's a "fun" place to hang out if you're into that sort of thing, but the food's only decent (not bad, just not great) and the drinks aren't anything wonderful, either.

          Admittedly, I've never been on a Sunday and generally go after work, but Smith's tends to be crowded with this one waittress who, every time I've sat at her table, spends the entire time flirting with the bartender and not bringing us our food/drinks. The entire wait staff is nice and amiable, but service, at least the few times I've been there (and have not been back since), does not appear to be a first priority.