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Oct 22, 2008 03:11 AM

restaurant between gibraltar and seville?


next week we will be driving from gibraltar to seville and i was wondering if there are any good restaurants along the way. does anyone know of any?


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  1. Seville is overflowing with great tapas bars but closer to Gibraltar in Marbella at the Melia Don Pepe hotel is "Calima" with chef Dani Garcia at the helm. Might be pricey and falls into the innovative cuisine (or molecular gastronomy) category.

    1. I would stop in Zahara de la Atunes, which is approx 30 kms north of Tarifa, and probably about half way. Tarifa is worth visiting in the evening but it is dead in the day as everyone is on the water wind or kite surfing. Zahara is on a very long (20 or 30 kms) atlantic beach, at one end there is an enclave of multi-million euro homes, and in the middle the town (the other end is national park).

      We ate at the Hotel Antonio which is south of the town approx 5 kms down the beach. The restaurant there is quite traditional, lots of fish, we had a good meal.

      Not certain which way trvlcrzy drives but Marbella is in the opposite direction from Gibraltar.