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Oct 21, 2008 10:52 PM

authentic Chinese in Northern Jersey - Beijing Duck House

went to visit my mom in Bergen County today. i am quite picky when it comes to authentic chinese food. i try to get the best there is in manhattan (yes, we all know flushing is better), and i have a lot of chinese friends to approve of the authenticity and quality of our meals. my mother ended up taking me to Beijing Duck House in Bergenfield on Washington Ave.

i was impressed! it was definitely better than Peking Duck House, the duck was done very well. crispy, cooked to order, and not too greasy with a huge layer of fat in between the skin and meat (like at PDH). we also had soup dumplings / juicy buns to start and their chia chia mien was great too. our waiter was also very nice and accomodating and stopped at our table to ask how we were doing like 5 times. i would recommend this restaurant to those that don't want to make a trip all the way to flushing or manhattan chinatown, for an authentic chinese meal. it was pretty empty when we got there, but don't let that fool you. this is a hidden gem that needs to be discovered!

359 S Washington Ave
Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Phone: (201) 385-2234

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    1. re: jbep

      sounds like a place I would like to try. Thanks for posting this article.

      1. re: jbep

        awesome article! i can't wait to go back and try the other dishes recommended.

        1. re: jungirl

          i've passed this place a bazillion times, ..thanks for the recommendation

      2. I have to respectively disagree. Went there last night around 7:45pm. The duck, while it had crispy skin, was very overdone and dry.

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        1. re: ltlevy

          Just curious, was the place crowded? How was the service, and did you order anything else? I'm planning to go. I tried to last Saturday, but got lost, too dark, and I missed a turn... so we ended up at our favorite place Greek Village.

          1. re: michele cindy

            There was only one other group of 3 there when we arrived. And no one else arrived after us. Service was fine. Teapot was refilled when empty.

            DW and I had the Peking Duck dinner which included an order of fried dumplings (just ok), duck soup (also just ok - there was enough to split with our friend who joined us), the peking duck (too dry) and something that they called Rainbow Duck (if I recall correctly). This was a cold dish with a few pieces of shredded duck and mostly julienne carrots and celery. It was tasty, but I with it being a cold dish gave me an appetizer feel when I was expecting a hot dish. My DW also ordered a rice cake dish, we she enjoyed. Our friend had chicken with snow pea pods. He said he enjoyed that. But all in all, nothing that grabbed our attention and nothing that had us thinking authentic. Silver Pond, in Fort Lee where are friend lives, is better and closer when we visit over there.

            1. re: ltlevy

              hmmm, the one time i went the duck wasn't dry at all. it was quite juicy. and my mother has been a few times before, and brought me there because she like it.

        2. Thanks for posting. Tagging as a must try in NJ.

          1. My dude and I finally checked the place out this past week....Nothing screamed BAD or GREAT just MEDIOCRE. We started with the soup dumplings which, i gotta say, were probably the lamest ones I've ever had...forget where's the beef- where's the soup???? Skin was tough and meat within needed major flavor (salt)...I took to dunking our dry/tasteless dumplings into the vinegar dish and, though not proper dumpling etiquette, found them to be far more palatable afterward. ($6/6)

            After dumplings, we had the peking duck...Good quality duck--some bits overfatty, but overall, a quality duck...Pancakes were house made(good) though waaaaay tooo floury (bad)...dude and i took to dusting off the pancakes before loading up with duck.

            Stir fried greens (some sort of of _____choi) were very tasty, though quite greasy and at $12, NOT a bargain.

            Our bill came to $50+ dollars- expensive for Chinese, but would have been worth it if everything was spot on...While leaving the joint and perusing the takeout menu, I had to wonder why the American dishes were so inexpensive compared to the chinese Chinese ones..still do. Service was ok, though trying to get a water refill there was like pulling teeth.
            Our Grade (with no grade inflation) : C