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Oct 21, 2008 09:36 PM

Elite dim sum amusing translation

As is our standard on every visit, we try something new on the menu on top of the usual items. Although mom is fluent, she usually just wants her standards and lets my sis and I do the rest of the ordering and experimenting. Unfortunately we can't read Chinese worth a damn and have to order off the English side.

The spicy pork shank jumped out at us. Visions of Elite's take on a pork pump danced in our heads and we excitedly checked it off.

The dishes started arriving fast and furious since we usually order enough for a group twice our size. Amidst all this, we kept anxiously waiting for the shank. Finally a plate of sliced gelatinous was plunked down. We all looked in puzzlement and asked what it was. We were told it was the sliced pig ears we ordered? Huh?

After much back and forth and waving of the menu, mom flips over to the Chinese side and said, yup, it sure does say pig ears in Chinese. Well we all cracked up and chalked it up to a learning experience. We all liked organ meats and odd cuts so this wasn't going to waste.

Kind of a bummer not to have pork shank. But the pig ears were still yummy, not too chewy or crunchy and nicely spiced. The leftovers actually were perfect to go into some left over pan de sal I had. Kind of like a asian slider.

So be warned, spicy pork shank = spicy pig ears.

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  1. Looking at their website:

    #59 in Chinese says Ma Laat Jue Yee (mala ju er in Mandarin) = numbing spicy pig ear slices. Interesting a Northern and regional appetizer would make it to a Canto dim sum place (other than the ubiquitous XLB and SJB at most dim sum places in California).

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      I was looking through their on-line menu and feeling pretty envious of all you living within driving range. Then I ran across #10 on this page:
      I do love sea cucumber. Used to cook it regularly when we lived in scuba territory. And I do enjoy cream cheese. But together? My imagination cannot even begin to wrap itself around that. I hope my taste buds come out of hiding by lunchtime.