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Oct 21, 2008 09:14 PM

Last night out? - lost my job, looking for comfort

Hi, i had to close my org and lay off my staff, including me :( And so am in transition and looking for a fun night out eating at a past or future favorite -- might be my last night in a while. I identified initially a few possible places to eat and restore my depleted soul:

Frascati ( a new one for me and Jeff, which I spotted b/c it's near our dog groomer)
Nopa (food may not be amazing but i always have a rolicking time)
Chapeau (an old regular stop but have not been back since they took over Clementine)
Clementine (should I put myself into Phillipe's hands?)
Tratorria Corso (tried it once but was not too hungry and so did not even have a main)

Which would you recommend? Or perhaps have another idea? (Note: I live in San Francisco but as a true Chow Hound will travel a far for good food)

Thanks so much. You Chowhounders are the best!

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  1. that sucks.

    if i were in the same position, i might want to go to a place i go all the time, but could not afford to be a regular in for a while. because you'd get all the benefits of recognition and warmth, and it may be some time before you experience that again, except maybe at your local sandwich shop. (kidding. but not.) so for you that sounds like nopa.

    now. subtracting out the depressing stuff, thinking only about a place i'd want a blow-out good time at about $35-$45 (which seems like the budget of most of your places), i like delfina, zuni, and canteen. actually, canteen has a prix fixe on tuesday nights....i think i would do that.

    also, at a much lower budget, i really like il pollaio in north beach. excellent comfort food: roast chicken, french fries, a glass of chianti.

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    1. re: pane

      Hi there, you're good. i need to focus on comfort. Now a nod to your Canteen idea. Since they opened i have been a regular at the Sentinel (they know me by name) and so maybe i need to check the chef's work in the evening!

      1. re: Siege747

        Hi, anyone feelings/insights out there Chowhounders about the 5 places mentioned in my original post? I might add Jeanty's in Napa for comforting French food, if i can convince my husband to drive.
        Thank you so much,

        1. re: Siege747

          If it were me, I would go with the suggestion of a place where they know you, but you might not be back for a while.
          Other than that, I might want to go to The Elite and eat in one of their very enclosed booths.
          Or, what food is comfort food for you? For me, it's ravioli -- something about "pillows" I find comforting....
          I hope your financial low spot is short lived -- and the same for all of us. I've been one job down since March. Here's hoping the coming election turns the economy around.

      2. re: pane

        Il Pollaio is my favorite place to eat in North Beach, but for one last splurge I'd predictably go to Chez Panisse. Prices are so reasonable at Il Pollaio, one could probably afford to go from time to time even on a budget. I love the way they do the chicken on the grill with little or no salt.

        1. re: chocolatetartguy

          I'd go to CP too...on a Monday with the reduced price. I've never had bad service or a weird experience (compared to a few multi-star Michelin places) and you know they'll be in business when times get better. No smug hipness, never a rush and flog for a table.

          Here's what this past Monday's menu was. All things considered, relatively speaking, that's a decent value.

          Monday, October 20 $60
          Leeks vinaigrette with potatoes, mussels, and Meyer lemon
          Canard au vin rouge: Sonoma Liberty duck legs braised in red wine with orange zest,
          little onions, and herb noodles
          Île flottante with rose geranium and Cannard Farm raspberries

          With tax and service charge...that's $75. Not cheap but I've spend that on bad meals.

      3. Out of the ones listed NOPA: You said yourself you "always have a rolicking time". I would think that is just what you need.

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          1. re: Scott M

            That's my thinking, and I would stop by Madrone for one of their infused vodka drinks, just to pregame or postgame.

            1. re: sugartoof

              Hi everyone, thanks for your ideas (and support). CP did occur to me b/c hubby and I go there for a long lunch every December and the other comfort place for me is the Wood Tavern but that means the Bay Bridge or BARTing it. We will hit Madrone and then NOPA!

              To peace and smashing eats,

              1. re: Siege747

                NOPA would definitely cheer me up. The cocktail list would too...See my report and photos here:

                Try to sit at the chef's table facing the kitchen if you can. The chef is a nice guy. Best wishes to you...