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Oct 21, 2008 08:52 PM

Brooklyn hound with one night in Philadelphia


I'll be in Philadelphia at the Sheraton in City Center on Thursday and I'm arranging dinner for 7.
Preference are Italian &/or Seafood. If Osteria & Vetri are booked what would be alternative restaurants to select from in this area of the city? Taking a cab a short distance is OK. Thanks.

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  1. I would consider Davio's (italian/steakhouse) on 17th Street and Devon Seafood Grille on Rittenhouse Square. Both should be able to accomodate a group of that size and are walkable from the Sheraton.

    Another good choice would be the Fountain restaurant though that would be more Contintental menu

    1. You won't get Vetri but might get Osteria. Estia would be another option on Broad Street - greek, seafood

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        estia's a wonderful rec. they often aren't fully booked and they definitely do well with large parties. food is delicious. they're convenient enough to where you'll be, 10 blocks and certainly safe enough to walk if it's not too chilly - tho you'd have no trouble getting cabs either.

        man i just had some wonderful dover sole at a similar place last nite in baltimore and now i have fish on the brain!!!!

      2. We were able to get reservations to Osteria; nice atmosphere and really good food. Very enjoyable! I'd definitely visit again. Thanks for the feedback.