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Oct 21, 2008 08:20 PM

Rest. for Rehearsal Dinner Party in N. Va

Can anyone please recommend a great restaurant for a rehearsal dinner party? About 75 people will be attending the event. Would prefer in Tysons area, Vienna, or Arlington. Looking to spend roughly $50-$60 or so per person.

Am considering having a catered affair in the atrium space at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens...anyone ever attended an affair there? Comments? Suggestions?

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    1. Would 50-60 be just food, did you want drinks too are they separate or included in the 50-60?

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          I know 2941's menu are around $75 per person and that space is lovely. Also Jaleo would be fun if you had a group that would be more willing to try new things.

          A friend had theirs at Ruth Chris and that was really good, it was the Fairfax location, I can't remember how many people, it wasn't as many, but their other locations may have bigger rooms.

          I have also had a big even at Sette Bello that was really nice, but I don't think it holds quite that many people...

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            Last fall I posted about a place for a rehearsal dinner in N. VA. You responded and your post was helpful. The guest list has grown and is now 88 people. We were going to do 2941, but they are booked. The reality of pricing has sunk in and we are now in the $110/person price range inclusive of alcohol. Talked to the Ritz Carlton, and they are up to $140/person. I would think for that amount I might be able to buy out a whole restaurant for the night.

            If you have any other suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.


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              Have you thought about going into DC? Le Paradou or Tabard Inn are also very pretty spots with not too bad pricing.

              Meadow Gardens is very pretty, I have been to a couple nice parties there.

              You might also try Me Janna or Willow, although I don't think their space is huge.

        2. We had our wedding at Meadowlark Gardens. We were very happy with the facilities. You can email me at if you have any specific questions.

          1. In 2002, we had our rehearsal dinner at the McCormick & Schmick's in the Ernst & Young building off Rte. 7 at Tyson's. I forget the per person breakout, but the staff did a good job and everyone liked it. My matron of honor still mentions it as her favorite rehearsal dinner experience. Aww.

            We also had our wedding and reception at Meadowlark. We were very happy with the atrium space - it was charming. I can't think of another venue that even tempted me as an alternative and they completely satisfied. They run quite a professional operation. We used Marco Polo, a Vienna VA based caterer. Also here we were very happy with the price, food and professionalism. They were the first tasting we did and we were sold.

            Congratulations and also good luck in your planning!

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              Thanks, Perries...
              Will check out Marco Polo catering. Appreciate your input.

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                Last fall you responded to my post about a rehearsal dinner in N. Virgina. The seach has continued as the guest list has up to 88 people. How many did you have at McCormick & Schmick's? And, any other suggestions would be appreciated. Were going to do 2941, but they are booked. Also, reality of pricing has set in, and am now ready to go to $110 per person.


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                  No idea as to current pricing, and 88 may or may not be too large, but you should check Restaurant Bonaroti, just outside of Tysons down 123 in Vienna. Not much to look at from the outside, but nicely appointed on the inside. Basically Italian food.

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                    Monterey Fish Grotto (on the back side of Tyson's II) has been getting some good buzz recently from folks I know. I am unsure of their private party accomodations, but since it isn't as well known as the other places you've been checking out, they may have more flexibility/accomodation.

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                      Monterey Fish Grotto is one of the finalist. As is the Ritz Carlton.

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                  1. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Maggiano's at Tysons. They are the largest operation in Northern VA for this with three dedicated rooms. We had one there about five years ago and it was actually very nice. Two thirds the price of the Ritz Carlton. BUT, repeat BUT if you do it you should ask for the room which has the bar. When you see the facilities you will understand. Now, the negative: this is enormously popular. We had to reserve 9 or 10 months in advance and even then most rooms were booked.

                    Of course the economy was different then...