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Oct 21, 2008 07:32 PM

new in chapel hill

the other day I saw a bunch of new places on frankln St. Two I remember looked like upscale bar-european dining restaurants. I don't mean Mint. or Noodle Anyone know ;been there?

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  1. I know the place you're talking about ... sort of across or catty-corner from the Franklin Hotel. Its got a weird name, and I *think* it is drinks only. The Cunkleton, or something like that.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        The Crunkleton is bar only but very well worth it. Excellent beer and liquor selection with solid, inexpensive wines by the glass. It's name comes from the owners, Gary and Megan Crunkleton. The interior is tans and browns with mission furniture. The artwork on the walls are original Michael Banks' pieces. Great atmosphere and great bartenders but I admit bias having been a member before they opened. It is a great addition to West Franklin.

        1. re: tommio

          Yes, the Crunkleton,thanks. I'll be going there it looks great. Tommio we' love wine so that's ideal.
          But I saw another place with an Italianish menu, it looked like it was in an old automotive / gasoline station., same side of Franklin St. Is that Cypress on the Hill? I'd want to eat there, the menu looked nice.

          1. re: Rory

            Vespa? Haven't eaten there but it's across from the Franklin - scooter out front or in the window or something.

            1. re: Susan627

              No, not Vespa, a truly bad place. This is brand new.

              1. re: Rory

                please don't go to CYPRESS - it was absolutely pathetic - if you want good food, go to bon soiree; it's behind Penang's (also not worth it).

                don't waste your money on cypress, please i beg of you!

                1. re: foodie922

                  Can you describe exactly what was wrong with your meal there (like what you ordered, what was lacking in the conception or execution of the dishes, etc.?) To the contrary, I had an exquisite meal there, and my review of the experience can be found here:


      2. There is a new pizza place set to open on Franklin called Artichoke and Basil. Also, it looks like someone is renovating the space that was Padgett Station where Chapel Hill meets Carrboro

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        1. re: brokegradstudent

          I at at Artichoke and Basil yesterday for lunch. I was drawn to it because I recently moved back to Chapel Hill from Georgia and wanted to try a new place, plus the name intrigued me. I think it just says "Artichoke Basil Pizza" on the door, which I thought was odd but kind of funny. I asked the nice counterperson what she thought the best thing on the menu is and she immediately responded with "artichoke pizza," so I got two slices. The pizza looked and smelled very good, and the slices were topped with a bit of goat cheese as well as, I believe, spinach and artichoke. The flavor was good, but the pizza was almost alarmingly "together." There was not even a HOPE of cheese sliding off the slice, and in fact, the slice was a perfect wedge with no imperfections or jagged lines. Everything was just so, which was a new and strange experience for me. My favorite pizza is Alfredos, which has a thin and pliable crust, allowing you to roll up a slice if you wanted to. This crust was more akin to Sal's; it was thicker, crispier, and forms a "V" shave when folded as opposed to the Alfredo's "U" shape. It was decent pizza, but a little too thick crusted for my tastes. The atmosphere of the dining room was bright but quiet, and they were playing the music of Ratatat (one of my favorites) softly. For your downtown pizza dollar, Pepper's is a lot more fun, and while Peppers' pizza is not my favorite, it is very cheesy and sloppy and goes great with a beer or three. Overall, Artichoke Basil Pizza (not sure if that's the name or not, or if it's "Artichoke and Basil") was ok. I do want to return to try their artichoke hamburger, but I'd rather hit up peppers or IP3 to tell you the truth if I were downtown and looking for pizza.

          1. re: batdown

            I'm with you on Alfredos, and for the other kind of pizza Panzanella is a short enough walk or bus ride. Thanks for letting us know.

            1. re: LulusMom

              i havent been to panzanella in ages. do they do lunch? what about pizza by the slice?

              1. re: batdown

                Yes on lunch, no on slices. The pizza is totally different from the wonderfully greasy, bendy stuff at Alfredo's but it is still great.

                1. re: LulusMom

                  Panzanella has a lunch special that is something like salad, soup, and bread for $5. Now if only I could get there and back from my office in under an hour...

                  1. re: brokegradstudent

                    And they have a dinner special Tues and Thurs. nights - certain bottles of wine are only $10, I think. We've tried 2 - one was perfectly fine (maybe the pinot noir?), the other kind of blah (the white, I think).