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Oct 21, 2008 06:51 PM

La Capannina

Did anybody ever tried La Capannina on Stanley street? I live nearby and wanted to try it for a long time.

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  1. Nous cherchons une place pour un souper au centre-ville. J'hésite entre essayer La Capannina ou Il Cortile (qui est je crois un peu plus dispendieux). Mais j'ai entendu que chez Il Cortile, la carte de vins est plutôt dispendieuse....

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      I have been at each place for a private party, so I cannot speak about prices because I did not pay but the food was quite good at each. Definitely worth a try.

    2. I have eaten there a number of times over the many years of their existence, for both dinner and lunch. I find that the food is good, fresh, and the real deal. The menu has a good selection of well known items, but they are willing to accommodate requests for special orders, and do a good job on these as well. This, I know from experience, as I occasionally get a craving for Linguine Puttanesca, which is served darn close to perfect. IMO.

      This place is not trendy, but focuses on quality, reputation, and tends to cater to a regular clientele.

      Certainly worth a try.