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Oct 21, 2008 06:29 PM

Mad Craving, Calgary

does anyone know where to get Sweet corn icecream? Its mostly an asian thing but I love corn.. mmm, And no, sorry, not making it!

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  1. Phil of Phil's Ice Cream is Asian, and he has a number of flavours that are geared towards that market; red bean for sure, but sweet corn wouldn't surprise me. If he does make it, rest assured it's awesome -- the guy knows how to make good ice cream. There used to be two Phil's; one on Northmount Drive and one on 17th Ave. The latter is now Red Mile, but it probably still has the same ice cream -- the last time I talked to Phil, he was doing more of the production side of the equation, rather than the scooping. I've also seen the ice cream in small containers in shops in Chinatown; the one I remember is the bakery in Dragon City Mall (main floor, next to the bubble tea place). T&T is also worth a try.

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      T&T NE, last time I was there, had Phil's ice cream in a separate chest freezer in the frozen aisle. I'm not sure if they had corn ice cream, but they had other flavours like macapuno, pandan, taro, etc.. so it wouldn't be a stretch for corn to be there.

      Otherwise, try MacKay's; they have a huge selection of flavours, particularly in their Cochrane location. A 500 ml container is about $6. Call them at 403-932-2455.

      I grew up with mais-queso (corn & cheese) ice cream... sounds a little weird for the uninitiated, but tasty nonetheless. I'll take a peek at the flavours next time I'm at T&T and update this thread.

      PS. Keep your eye out for Magnolia brand ice cream... I'm fairly certain I've seen them make a corn flavoured ice crem.

    2. Yeah definately try Phil, if not there are countless recipes on the net. You can pick up a Cuisanart ice cream maker for pretty cheap and just do it yourself. Ice cream is very easy to make and you will I swear...never make your own again.

      I do sweet corn and mint...oddly enough the first time I had it I wasn't in Asia but Mexico.