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100 top items to eat in bay area!

It would be preferable if it was a restaurant item rather than just a food item from a produce market but I'd love to know what you all think is the top 100 food items!

There used to be a list for the bay area that had the top 100 but I can't seem to locate it.

It included the morning buns from La Farine, lavender pork chops from Chez Nous...

but I'd love to know where an updated list might be!

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  1. My votes:
    Pizza from Cheeseboard. (or anything else)
    Chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty
    Pliny the Elder beer from Russian River

    1. Caramel, Palet d'Or, Japanese Yuzu or Peanut Butter & Jelly chocolates from Chocolatier Blue (he starts his new fall/winter line of chocolates today so that might change - egg nog, roasted pumpkin. . .OH MY!!).

      Duck Liver Mousse with Madeira gelee from the charcuterie plate at Spruce

      Caramel Pudding at Flora

      Gin & Tonic from Pizzaiolo - they make their own tonic and it takes that simple drink to a whole new level.

      1. My current candidates, East Bay centric:
        - Green beans with kaffir lime curry and any protein at Champa Garden (Oakland)
        - Chicken pot pie at Bakesale Betty (Oakland)
        - Kohada sushi at Hana Zen (Orinda)
        - Shanghai rice cake w/ pork and cabbage -- two different but both great versions at Lily's House (Lafayette) and Shanghai (Oakland)
        - Fried turnip cake, black version, at Kopitiam (Lafayette)
        - Many pizzas but esp squid and aioli at Pizzaiolo (Oakland)
        - Fries at A Cote (Oakland)

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          Can't stop thinking about this. Add:
          - Mateos Grenados's rabbit hash with duck egg (various North Bay farmers markets)
          - Smoked salmon from the guy at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market
          - Lobster app at Cyrus (Healdsburg)
          - Duck or pork rillettes from Fatted Calf

        2. I'd include tuna heart pasta at Incanto, the buffalo burgers at Bullshead Restaurant in West Portal, and the pork chop at NOPA.

          1. here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

            -dolsot kimchee bibimbap from wonmi bbq on fillmore
            -morning bun or almond croissant from tartine
            -salted caramel ice cream from bi rite creamery (honey lavendar is good too)
            -prather ranch burger at slow club
            -pizza from cheesboard
            -fresh tofu from eiji
            -corn vegetable ramen from sapporo ya
            -cobb salad from chow
            -pork sugo from la ciccia
            -meatloaf at blue plate
            -salted caramels from recchuiti
            -sottocenere from cowgirl creamery
            -bread from acme
            -jager schnitzel at walzwerk
            -meatball sandwich from pasta gina
            -clam chowder from weird fish
            -huevos rancheros at los jarritos
            -roasted chicken at zuni
            -french macarons and cauliflower tartlet at boulangerie
            -cauliflower uttapam at udipi palace
            -sweet potato gnocchi at da flora
            -chicken mole at panchita's 3

            1. A "Roxie special" on dutch crunch sandwich (heated) from Roxies on San Jose Ave. in S.F.
              Followed by any Ice cream from Mitchell's on the same street (a couple miles away)

              1. -Malai Methi Chicken Wrap (Amber Cafe, Mountain View)
                -Spaghetti and Meatballs (Mary's Pizza Shack, North Bay locations)
                -Chocolate Ouzo Cake (Cafe Artermis, Campbell)
                -Aloo Bonda (Annapoorna, San Mateo)
                -Red Lentil Soup (New Kapadokia, Redwood City)
                -Andy's Chicken (Shen Hua, Berkeley)
                -Potato Gnocchi (Pizza Antica, Bay Area)
                -Black Pepper Veggie Beef (Chef Ko, Campbell)
                -Potato Bolani (De Afghanan Kabob House, Fremont & Bay Area)
                -Pizza from Cheeseboard, Zachary's, Pie in the Sky
                -Burger (Bonne Sante, Burlingame)
                -Aloo (potato) Naan (Chaat Cafe, San Francisco & Bay Area)
                -Thai Noodles (Chow, San Francisco & Bay Area)
                -Lemon Garlic Potatoes (Gourmet Express, Milpitas)

                1. Nolt restaurant items but two of my favorites:

                  1. Bread from Tartine Bakery (Guerrero/18th)- sold only at 5pm Wed-Sun.

                  2. Truffles from XOX Truffles - Columbus Avenue

                  3. Mitchell's Ice Cream - exotic tropical flavors

                  1. Call me crazy but when I return to the Bay Area my first stop is always at Top Dog for either the lemon chicken, bird dog, or hot link. Coupled with deli mustard and kraut they're tough to beat.

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                      1. re: anothernotch

                        Agreed. I started a diet on Monday, and on Sunday I enjoyed a couple (or three) top dogs. I'm partial to the Calabrese. Nice and fennel-y.

                        1. special thin-crust from patxi's
                          bread pudding at rnm
                          dark & stormy at street
                          housemade sausage and gnocchi at street
                          chicken in foil at ton kiang
                          49er roll at ebisu
                          chicken tikka masala at chutney
                          popovers at the rotunda at neiman marcus
                          general's chicken at restaurant taiwan
                          latte from blue bottle coffee
                          pancakes or sweet potato and gruyere tart from dottie's true blue

                          1. Potstickers at Joy in Foster City.
                            Pastrami sandwich at Refuge in San Carlos.

                            1. Fresh oysters at Hog Island on Tomales Bay

                              1. Ham & cheese turnover from Acme Bread.
                                (Seasonal) asparagus pizza at Picco.
                                Prosciutto sandwich (or really any sandwich) from Molinari's.
                                Old-school pizza from the original North Beach pizza (yes, I realize this pick might get me voted off the island)

                                1. burger and string fries at zuni. we drop off luggage at the hotel (usually arrive way too early for check-in) and take the f up market to zuni. decompression starts with a vodka gimlet and oysters. burger and string fries follow and deb and i are pretty happy.

                                  saturday morning at the ferry terminal is always good. grabbing breads, olives, cheeses, pate, fruits and wines for a picnic atop mt. livermore always works. angel island is pretty special in my book.

                                  walking the golden gate bridge before dawn (both ways) is pretty cool. cap it off with a killer breakfast at the palace hotel.

                                  lots more but you guys get the idea.

                                  1. carrot chip dessert from Trevese (Los Gatos)
                                    garlic naan from Kabab & Curry's
                                    maple syrup egg from Manresa
                                    everything at Cyrus (except the caramel soup)
                                    Kara's Fleur de sel cupcake

                                    1. Double Double from In'N'Out Burger
                                      Chirashi from Sushi Tomi

                                      1. Unagi mini-wappa meshi from Maki in Japantown.
                                        Pastries from Crixa Bakery (Berkeley)

                                        1. Plum Kifli from Crixa Cakes
                                          Tuesday Cheeseburger from Rosamunde Grill

                                          1. Off the top of my head:

                                            -Frozen croissants from the Milk Pail Market (buttery goodness from a retired baker)
                                            -Ice cream from Bi-rite
                                            -Little Star Pizza (and all the other pizzas people mentioned!)

                                            1. TOP 10:
                                              1000 pepper fish soup at China Village
                                              Cioppino & sourdough at Tadich Grill
                                              Smoked Brisket at Memphis Minnies
                                              Mac & Cheese at Blue Plate
                                              Crab & Grits at Front Porch
                                              Puruvian Yellow Pepper Salsa at Inka'a
                                              Clam Chowder at Breakfast at Tiffanie's (Fridays only)
                                              Samosa Soup at Burma Superstar
                                              Pho Ga at Tutle Tower
                                              Sweet Potato Gnoche at De Flora

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                                              1. re: Civil Bear

                                                My tops so far this year - some old, some new......

                                                * Seared Tuna Sandwich at Taylors in the Ferry Building.
                                                * Postage stamp ravioli with pigeon ragu at Dopo
                                                * Henry's special - smoky, salty and spicy. You have to sit at the counter - Henry's Hunan on Sacramento
                                                * Glass of wine and a dozen briney oysters at Hog Island
                                                * Fried summer beans with sweet corn dipping sauce at Pizza Antiqua in Lafayette
                                                * Spicy Tripe at Pizzaiolo
                                                * Oceanic dinners at Oliveto
                                                * Warm Carrot and Raisin Muffins at Specialities - addicted.