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Oct 21, 2008 05:59 PM

Bloor West restaurant recommendation please....

We are taking out our elderly Aunt and Uncle [80+] for dinner this coming Saturday and we are looking for a place that is close to their home so Bloor West seems to be the best area although we will have a car if we need to go a little further. They are fairly open to try anything but I think we might be better to go somewhere in the middle. We are visiting Toronto and have been satisfying our foodie cravings so are willing to try a nice, friendly restaurant with decent food. Are reservations necessary on a Saturday evening? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I was looking at a place called Cru.....


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  1. The Grange at Jane and Bloor would be perfect...great food and wine list ...Miranda

    1. I don't recommend Cru -- food is too strange/unbalanced. Perhaps Casa Barcelona instead? Which part of Bloor West are you specifically near?

      1. I also would not recommend CRU..I have been there a few times and the last time 6 months ago the food was good but very ecletic. My guests were not happy with the menu at all.
        I am not so good with Bloor West Village but if you drive closer to Bloor/Royal York I would suggest Vibo...great Italian restaurant and on weekends they usually have a piano player than might be nice for your aunt & uncle. Not too loud, just nice background music.

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          The chef at Cru changed over the summer. He used to work at Rain. You can get better (similar style but tastier) food at Cava and Colborne Lane. Personally when I want to eat in the west end I make the extra trek to Via Allegro, though it's not cheap unless you stick to pizza and pasta.

        2. I would stay away from Cru and Basa Barcelona. Vibo is good, if a little expensive, Italian. Merlot, a bistro, across the street from Vibo is always good but a little noisy. A little further away but traditional for elderly relatives is the Old Mill at the Humber River.

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            second that - the Old Mill is a nice place for older folks -

          2. Other than what's alredy been suggested - there's Dr. Generosity's. It's at Runnymede and Bloor. It's not the hippest place, but the food is decent and they are very friendly. I think you should make reservations, as it can fill up.

            If they like pasta, then there's Queen's Pasta just a bit further west. It's pretty much all pasta....