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Oct 21, 2008 05:50 PM

Yet another visit to New Orleans: what am I missing?

I visit New Orleans at least once a year, sometimes twice, and dining is (of course!) an essential focus.

This year's visit had to get pushed back one month, so we're not arriving until mid-November and had to shorten the duration of our stay a bit. So, with seasonal cuisine being what it is, and certain dishes coming available (or disappearing), I hope no one will object if I put forth a rough sketch of our plans for your critique and suggestions . . . .

We arrive late in the afternoon on a Thursday . . .

Thursday dinner reservations are at Iris (in their new location at 321 N. Peters St. -- they'll open there in less than a week).

Friday lunch is at Galatoire's -- as always.

Friday dinner remains open . . .

Saturday dinner is Bayona.

Sunday dinner is at MiLa.

Monday lunch is at Herbsaint, and Central Grocery provides the muffaletta for the flight home.

Given that we've been to ____________ (see below) before, we were looking at some places that are NEW (to us) for the open lunch and Friday dinner slots, and are open to your suggestions . . .

Restaurants we have been to previously (and are therefore "off" the list for this trip) include:
La Petite Grocery
Martinique Bistro
Mr. B's
Restaurant August

I'm sure will hit Rambla at some point as we are (as always) staying at the International House. And at some point, we'll hit Arnaud's 75 for Sazeracs -- unless someone has a better recommendation . . .

But what are we missing???


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  1. Maximo's, J'Anita's, Stein's Deli, il Posto, St. James Cheese Company, RioMar, Vizard's (new location), Patois, Bistro Daisy, Cafe Atchfalaya for lunch or dinner options. call first to see who is open for what you need to fill.
    come hungry!

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    1. re: edible complex

      Is Vizard's all that different in the new location? We were there last year, and not impressed . . . .

    2. Skip jacques-imo's (at least, according to many posts on the N.O. boards) Try Dick & Jenny's out near Tipitina's; worth the cab fare. Also had an excellent meal at Luke. Try the po-boys @ Mahony's on Magazine St. Cochon: wasn't wowed by the chow. K-Paul's is awesome if you can nab a table for apps (and their bread basket!!!) Dinner prices there are a bit spendy. OOPS!! Just re-read your post; duh! Never been to Commander's? Truly over the top in a good way for dinner. Hear they do a great brunch, too. The Praline Connection is a funky and great soul-food type joint. Have always had consistently good chow @ Muriel's. The Bourbon House is fun for drinks and ersters; sit at the bar. Ditto the Palace Cafe, which has a gorgeous ambience, to boot. Just got back last week from an 8 nite food coma and I'm ready to go back. Bon Temps Roulez! Adam from Oakland

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      1. re: adamshoe

        I took my group to Dick and Jenny's a year ago. We loved the food but, unfortunately, the feeling that you're eating in somebody's garage took the food down with it. I know it has the cutesy aspect, but does anyone else agree that the level of good food here needs an equally nice environment in which to enjoy it?

        1. re: Hungry4Good

          I'm with you all the way on this one. Unlike many New Orleanians, I'm not big on dumpy restaurants.

      2. Bon Ton! Bon Ton salad with house dressing, crab au gratin & bread pudding.

        1. Agree with Bon Ton for old school cajun/creole. More of a home-cooked style than commander's, etc. Also agree that if you haven't been to commander's, go there for lunch. It's been really good since K. Also fairly new are Patois and Restaurant One. I've been to Patois once and thought it was good - very good. Haven't been to One yet but have heard great things. There's also Gautreau's. I haven't been since Katrina but they've been getting some great press lately. Lilette and Cuvee are excellent, too.

          1. Chris McMillan is at the Renaissance Pere Marquette bar now (literally next to MiLa) - I don't think he works sunday nights, but you should pop in and get a sazera/mint julep/pimm's cup/anything before/after dinner if he is there.