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Oct 21, 2008 05:43 PM

In Seattle now

Vancouver foodie in Seattle until Sunday.
We're staying at the Westin and are looking for anything great within walking distance. Please include a recommendation for a large group either Friday or Saturday...or both
Don't bother with sushi as we get great sushi at great prices in Vancouver

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You are only a couple blocks from the market, so Matt's is a good option for lunch. There are others there if you search the board.

      Barolo is an italian place that is close. It is a bit trendy. I had a good meal there recently.

      You are also very close to the Tom Douglas restaurants (Dahlia, Lola, Serious Pie).

      At least during the week (until 7), you can walk over to the Westlake center basement level and catch a bus in the bus tunnel that would get you (3rd stop going south) down into the international district quickly. Chinese is probably not what you are after (being from Vancouver), but there are a couple good Vietnamese places (green leaf, Tamarind Tree). One stop less (pioneer square) and you can walk a couple blocks to Salumi for great sandwiches (11-4 and be there early or late).

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        We just got back from Palace Kitchen......very very good. We've been to Dahlia before and will certainly go again. Barolo is also on my list...will they accomadate a crowd??

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          When I was at Barolo earlier this month there was a group of 22 or 24 there.

      2. Agree on Salumi and Green Leaf. Tango is a nice tapas place within walking distance.

        1. walk to Union - 1st and Union- you can do a nice 3 course meal for around $50 or sit in the bar and have a great and substantial happy hour menu. also Le Pichet for breakfast, lunch or dinner-great french bistro fare. Spur for good cocktails and gastro pub fare. agree with matt;s for dinner or lunch.

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            Union is now offering a 4 course for $50. 2 courses from the left side (starters, salads, pastas) of the menu and 1 from the right (entrees) plus cheese or dessert.

          2. Went to Barolo tonight....we had one of the best meals we've ever had. The flavours were great ....the service was excellent....we're going back on Friday with a larger group.