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Oct 21, 2008 05:43 PM

Ten Person Round?

Celebrating a friend's 30th birthday next Saturday night. I can get an 8 person round at a few great spots (ie Jar and Grace), even a 9 person oval at Craft - but am struggling with a ten person round. Anybody have luck with a table that size?


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  1. Try La Terza. It doesn't sound like what u r looking 4 but most Chinese in San Gabriel or Chinatown can do it with room to spare.

    1. Cafe Pinot and Zucca could do it. Cicada could as well if I recall correctly.

      1. Il Grano has one round table in a private room that fits 10 snugly.

        1. Most Chinese banquet palaces have LARGE round ones.....

          Many "Chef's Tables" at upscale places can fit quite a few. Expect to pay more, and everyone may have to buy into the tasting menu.