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Oct 21, 2008 05:23 PM

A third milk thread: why in the world do people buy skim or low-fat milk?

As hounds, most of us appreciate cheeses, butter over margarine, home made mayo, real whipped cream, and a range of full flavored foods. many appreciate what can be done with bacon. I can't understand why most people responding to the organic - inorganic milk thread drink skim or low-fat milk. I drink a fair amount of full everything milk and use it to make yogurt (adding more powdered full milk). Full milk tastes way, way better than skim or low fat (filth, I mean to me; and I can taste the difference). On the other hand, I eat very little in the way of fried foods, use little oil in my cooking, and, overall, have a healthy diet. But I'd quit drinking milk if I had to drink that watery stuff. Why do you drink skim or lowfat milk????

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  1. Maybe people are just drawn to it's lovely and appetizing hue! Who wouldn't want to gulp down an icy cold glass of bluish-grey milk-like refreshment? I'm a one percenter myself and now 2 percent milk tastes like half & half to me! (Although I love my heavy cream; can't imagine cooking without it.) Adam

    1. Because that is what they were raised on and are continuing the cycle? My BF grew up drinking skim and I have gotten him up to 2%, but he will not drink whole (what I was raised on) because it is too "thick/rich/sweet/whatever". Because he is a serious milk drinker, what he drinks is what we buy. I

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        In viperlush's vein... CI did a milk taste test a few years back, and they found no conclusion as to what tasted better, objectively speaking. skim,1-2%, whole- all were equally likely to be the 'best' because they 'tasted like milk should'. When they asked everyone what they grew up drinking, they found that people were something like 80% likely to have a preference for whatever their childhood milk was- apparently that's when you learn what 'milk should taste like'.

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          I remember seeing the results of a test done with cookies. People liked the cookies depending on what they grew up with, made with butter, margarine, or some "butter substitute."

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Slightly off topic, but thought you mike like this, Sam...Full FULL milk being illegal in Canada...

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            Skim/lowfat milk: use an inflatable doll

            Whole milk: the ChowHound's alternative

            "And he welcomed some jail time. "That would be a holiday ... because milking the cows and battling the government is a lot of work," ... priceless!!

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              I'd like to clarify that the above article refers to raw milk, not full fat milk. Full fat milk (3.25%) can be bought legally in every Canadian grocery store.

            2. hmm, i'll try to answer this: i love full fat everything, as well. i mostly eat full fat yogurt, butter, cheese, you name it. however, i love skim milk for gulping when i'm really thirsty and if i want to drink milk prior to speaking or singing. (full fat milk 'sticks' to your throat, so isn't as thirst quenching and affects your voice). i use full fat milk for hot cocoa and coffee. nothing at all against whole milk, but skim milk is good for some things!