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Oct 21, 2008 04:52 PM

Doughnut shop with Cambodian barbeque Berkeley

It was mentioned at work today that there is a doughnut shop on University with a homemade sign advertising a Cambodian BBQ. Has anyone seen such a sign and where exactly is it?

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  1. I don't know the cross street but think it is called All Star. Coming up University from the bay towards the school, it is on your left in a mustard yellow building that looks like an old Taco Bell.

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      Thank you. Will check it out and report back .

    2. It's at the intersection of Bonar and University where the Taco Bell used to be.

      I tried it late Sunday after a swim and it was surprisingly good. I got the leftovers from the day: 3 charred lemongrass/galangal/etc marinated drummettes and a pungent garlicky salad of cabbage, carrots and thinly sliced turnip? The chicken was light but very flavorful and clean tasting. I enjoyed at the salad for the 1st half or so, but the garlic eventually overwhelmed me.

      They also bake little fruit tarts: berry with almond paste and pear when I was there. I had the pear. The crust was on the crumbly side, but very buttery. I ate every crumb. Filled with a generous amount of sliced pears (Anjou?).

      I also had a chocolate bar sliced in half and filled with fresh banana slices and whipped cream. That was very nice. I didn't feel like I had just eaten a doughnut.

      They serve BBQ only on the weekends until 4. They also have Hawaiian breakfasts some mornings. I've forgotten what the rest of the BBQ menu was, but I think there was some sort of beef dish. The family running the place was very friendly.

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        CTG - That is really good information on an overlooked, unrecognized spot, thank you!

        1. re: sydthekyd

          All Star Donut‎
          1255 University Ave, Berkeley, CA - (510) 666-0878‎

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            There's a corner market up the street w/ a sign that says Halal Burritos -- what is that?

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            Thanks for the scoop. I'm planning on trying it this weekend.

            But does anyone know if AllStar donuts is a franchaise? If so, then is the cambodian BBQ thing only available at that specific location???

            1. re: chewycachoo

              It might be a franchise, but I think the Cambodian BBQ aspect is an individual feature. A youngish Cambodian-American family were running the place, although there was a grandmother and a young child in back.

              I suspect that they have higher aspirations than doughnuts (if that's possible). They were very friendly and comped me on the leftover BBQ. I bought the pastries as a make-good and was very pleased with both. The doughnuts looked very fresh, even on a Sunday at 5 P.M.

          3. I feel stupid asking this, but what IS Cambodian BBQ? I googled it, but didn't find much to enlighten me. Thanks.

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              I've been asking myself the same question for the past month when driving by the place and noticing the sign. I asked the proprietress if it was like Thai but with less harsh spicing and she agreed.

              The chicken was marinated and then grilled so there were a some charred spots (the way I like). I think the marinade includes lemon grass, galangal, lemon juice and I think not too much soy. That's all I really know.

              Now I am thinking about their doughnut holes.

              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                Thanks. I can get BBQ for me and doughnut holes for my son. Sounds good.

            2. Went back for seconds Sunday and was again very pleased. I sampled all 4 things on the BBQ menu.

              The marinade is a wet rub created by handgrinding Kaffir leaves, lime (juice?), Tiger chili, lemon grass, galangal and garlic until it starts to liquify. The rub is then applied to chicken wings and beef skewers and eventually grilled on foil on a simple home bbq grill.

              The result is the best of home-style cooking. I really liked the chicken again. Bold, garlicky, clean flavors and still juicy. Some of the juices had run off into the bottom of the bag and gelled. I reached in and polished the gel off too. The beef skewers were tender but didn't take to the marinade as well as the chicken. The fried rice had bits of ham and diced frozen vegetables just like something one might make at home. You can buy ala carte or as a special plate with all 3 plus the garlicky cabbage/carrot/turnip salad.

              They serve Hawaiian breakfasts (spam, etc) on the weekend. They also have a Cambodian beef sandwich which has a different prep from the skewers. Traditionally the dish is served on a bed of greens, but they have westernized it by serving the beef and greens on a roll.

              Once again, I didn't have room or cash for doughnuts, but they have some unusual choices: Bavarian cream injected doughnut holes, an iced double whorl pastry with a cinnamon filling.

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              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                I was sure some one could express better than I. I concur with ctg , just having finished the chicken I bought yesterday. I had expected skewers not drummettes and a joined 2nd and 3rd winglet. The young man tending the outside grill looked like he was making a skewer for his lunch. The doughnut holes with the filling looked calorically dangerous. Their regular menu also has hot dogs(kosher) and chicken sausages.

                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  Can you givel us an idea of the prices, especially for the combo plate, please?

                  1. re: sydthekyd

                    I got an order of chicken wings (1 drummette, 2 wings), a skewer of beef, and good sized container of rice and a glazed donut for 5.75. The beef plate has 3 skewers, rice and salad in the standard plastic takeout box and I think is 5.95. The Cambodian beef sandwich is about the same price. Not sure about the chicken plate. Maybe cheaper, doubtful that it would have 9 wings, but who knows.

                    As the Wolfe howled, the chicken is just so flavorful. And there is a parking lot behind the restaurant..

                    1. re: chocolatetartguy

                      Weekend Rice Plate Special
                      3 meat skewers, rice and salad $5.95
                      Chicken wing plate 3 drummettes and 1 middle and tip, rice, and salad $5.95
                      Cambodian pickle salad $1.75

                      Coming soon entrees
                      Cha Kreung Lemon grass curry (c or b) $6.95
                      Cha la-Poev (p or c) Cambodian pumpkin $6.95
                      Lohk-Laak beef in peppery sauce,cike,tomato,lettuce, onions on steamed rice $8.95
                      Report to follow as it happens.

                2. All Star Doughnuts has a new name, Yellow Brick Cafe, but the same sweet treats and savory Cambodian specialties.

                  I like their raised doughnuts which are slightly bready. They are best eaten the day they are baked. They always have some sort of specialty doughnut. I had a savory raised that was filled with meat in a curry gravy. This Japanese inspired sweet and savory was actually very good.

                  They are constantly reworking the menu. Last Sunday, the marinade on the chicken and beef skewers was very garlicky and the fried rice as homey as ever. They also had a beef and mango? curry which tasted strongly of galangal.

                  Due to popular demand they are beginning to extend their hours of operation.

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                  1. re: chocolatetartguy

                    Hours for the Cambodian food are are now 11-4 seven days. I posted a report in a new topic the other day:


                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      As paraphrase Captain Renaud in Casablanca, "You were misinformed." They were open Sunday at 6 much to my surprise and according to the owners are extending their hours to 8? on the weekends due to increased demand.

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                        I'm just repeating what the cook told me on Saturday afternoon.

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                            Probably best to call before making a special trip if they're changing their hours from day to day. Their card says 647-3776.