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Oct 21, 2008 04:30 PM

Where to buy grits?

I'm wondering if anybody knows where to buy white or yellow grits in toronto.
I'm planning a southern style brunch this weekend, but I don't know where to find this vital item. My family used to stock up on cases of Quaker old fashioned grits on our yearly road trips to Florida, an item of exotica seemingly almost unavailable in Canada.
A very old posting on this topic referred to using a portugese white cornmeal, but I'm concerned the grind may be too fine. Any ideas?

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  1. I recently made a side dish of pumpkin-flavoured grits. I used Bob's Red Mill brand:, which I think I purchased at Whole Foods. The brand is available in most supermarkets.

    I'm pretty sure a real southerner would cringe at using something called "Grits, also known as Polenta," but it worked...

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      Just want to second the Red Mill rec from Tatai. There are a couple of different coarseness of corn meal and I found the medium worked best. It had an outstanding flavour.

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        I have seen Bob's at Loblaws too

      2. Every fall I send "Bee Hive" corn syrup to my cousin in Little Rock Arkansas... a week later a box of grits shows up in the post here. Like magic!
        I haven't tried whole foods, but everywhere else my search for grits here in TO. has come up empty. And the strange thing is that 30-40% of the grits sold in the US are milled here in Canada - I learned that when I was interviewing an exec at Quaker for a story, and asked why grits aren't sold here.


        1. According to Cajun Corner's website, they sell them.

          I'd call to make sure first.

          If you're really in a bind, I could probably part with some excellent stone ground grits straight from the south.


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            Davwud....that's so nice of you to offer 'your' grits to 'joyofeating'.....I too have some at my house and would offer them as well (mine are the ones from Quaker) but I'm leaving tomorrow to visit the daughter for a few days in Savannah...where I will eat them morning , noon and night. Other than the Grits (Red Mill) mentioned earlier in the post (and which I actually saw last weekend at 'johnvince' on Steeprock) I have never seen the Quaker ones in Toronto.

            1. re: pearlD

              Both Quaker quick and old fashioned are listed as for sale on the CC website.

              I have 2 different bags of stone ground, a package of quik and some instant as well at home. The instant aren't really much good but they were a gift to Mrs. Sippi from someone she works with.

              And thanks


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