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Oct 21, 2008 04:04 PM

Best Red Sauce Italian???`

Can anyone recomend a good red sauce Italian restaurant. Looking to stay within 50.00 range for dinner.

I'm not sure what area I'll be in around dinner time, so multiple options are great.

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  1. there are too many good red sauce Itlian rests to recommend but here are afew to start with : little italy angelos of mulberry w 50's patsy's w40's la masseria soho ama uws gennaro carmines and the new hot rest convivio. try to nail down a location and price. you'll do much better that way

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      I see you and I cross-posted. I would definitely not consider Convivio a red sauce Italian.

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        I'm not sure where we'll be. We're doing a 2 day hop on, hop off tour so depends where we are when we're hungry. I'd just like a few options so I dont have to pick someplace willy nilly.

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          Gennaro is definitely NOT a "red sauce" place. Absolutely great food, but if you are really looking for a red sauce place, don't go there.

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            I agree that Gennaro is definitely NOT "red sauce". I wouldn't call Convivio red sauce either. While Carmine's is a red sauce type place, be advised that it is "family style" which makes having dinner for 2 somewhat difficult (i.e. one main dish easily serves more than 2 people).

        2. Is that $50 per person? Is it for food alone, or are you including alcoholic beverages, tax & tip?

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            RGR you're right that convivio isn't "red sauce" in the smae category as angelo's or carmine's but iwould call it sophisticated in comparison. there are mostly neopolitan dishes likebucatini all amatriciana and sicilian tonno with capunata. i think of red sauce equating to southern italy. anyway, if yoou haven't been to convivio , i wopuld reccommend it highly. it's a top shelf resto and you can eat very well without spending troppo liras.

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              We have been to Convivio and had a superb meal. While there are some red-sauce dishes on the menu, I view the cuisine overall as contemporary Italian.

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              I'm looking to stay within 50-75 total for 2( no booze, tax and tip included)

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                  With that budget in mind, I would recommend Campanile, a neighborhood gem hidden away on 29th St., b/t Madison and Park Av. S. The traditional red sauce Italian fare is well-prepared and delicious; service could not be more friendly and efficient; and the space has very pleasing ambiance with nicely-spaced table and a conversation-friendly noise level.


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                    Where can I get a really great baked ziti/ w ricotta?

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                      Btw, we're still doing your LES tour : )

                2. Ennio and Michael's, great red sauce and also try the spaghetti and meatballs

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                    locations please??? We dont eat RED meat so meatballs are out for us.

                  2. You can also try tony di napoli's
                    Puttanesca in Hells Kitchen

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                    1. Ended up eating at Volare on west 4th between 6th and MacDougal and was very pleasantly surprised. The food was great and the service was attentive. As one would expect, the place is pretty old school as far as decor goes, but definitely worthwhile if you're looking for the red sauce experience.

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                        For your basic Italian staples I like John's of 12th Street (off of 2nd Ave). Ennio and Micheal's is good too (Laguardia Pl near Bleecker)