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Oct 21, 2008 04:03 PM

Bread in LIC?

Hi all,

I moved recently to Long Island City, into the new Rockrose buildings. I've been here long enough to be thrilled and disappointed by Food Cellar. Where can I get good bread around here? (I seriously don't understand how they can have an antipasto bar and crappy bread!!) Preferably somewhere I can walk to on the way home from the subway. I want some crunchy fresh french bagguettes or anything with a good crumb.

I'm hoping this turns into a general LIC thread as well. I've been to Shi once and it's a decent place. The sushi rolls were original and fresh. Can't vouch for the sashimi. The drinks were well-made and you can get a good bottle of sake for a very decent price. The service was prompt, but they didn't seem very knowledgeable (perhaps due to the recent opening?). Went down on a weeknight and all the seats were reserved. We ate in the lounge. You might need reservations. I know Tuk Tuk is supposed to be horrible and Tournesol is supposed to be good - right? There are a few places I want to try out for brunch on vernon blvd. Any suggestions?


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  1. If you're anywhere near Parisi Bros. right at the N/W Broadway stop, you're bread prayers have been answered. Go ahead and try their B&W cookie while you're there!

    1. There isn't a source of great bread in the neighborhood yet. My hope is that someone will open a nice bakery instead of yet another Asian fusion place. Manducatis Rustica sells bread but I'm not sure how good it is, worth a try at least. Also, some of the bread at foodcellar is decent, I liked their sourdough ciabatta.

      For my bread needs I just order the par-baked stuff from Fresh Direct (which is a very good option) or bake my own.

      Oh, and this part of LIC is nowhere near the N/W Broadway stop, though there are indeed many many wonderful chow options there.

      1. I may be wrong but i heard that one of the finer bakeries in the city is located in LIC [not sure but I think PAIN D'AVIGNON RINGS A BELL.
        I think I called many years ago and was told for some reason all their business was with the best places in MANHATTAN.
        Anybody have info - if true we need these guys to get their bums [buns!] to supply great bread here.

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          Tomcat is also located in LIC, as are several other commercial bakeries. I often see their trucks delivering bread to the restaurants on Vernon, but not to any retail places. I think this could be a great business opportunity for someone looking to open a shop in LIC.

          1. re: Astoria Lurker

            Tom Cat used to have a retail window open one or two days a week. I think they discontinued that but you can sk them here:

        2. I think the new Sage general store sells bread but I am not 100% sure. You can try them at 718-361-0707 during the week.

          Separately if you are looking for some info on LIC, check out the below thread:

          1. thanks for all the replies. I had guessed that there weren't any good options, but figured that if anyone knew of a hidden bakery, you all would.

            Thanks Big V for the link. Also, have you all heard about the new Petraske bar planned for LIC?!? Yay! Very excited about that. Here's the link: