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Bread in LIC?

Hi all,

I moved recently to Long Island City, into the new Rockrose buildings. I've been here long enough to be thrilled and disappointed by Food Cellar. Where can I get good bread around here? (I seriously don't understand how they can have an antipasto bar and crappy bread!!) Preferably somewhere I can walk to on the way home from the subway. I want some crunchy fresh french bagguettes or anything with a good crumb.

I'm hoping this turns into a general LIC thread as well. I've been to Shi once and it's a decent place. The sushi rolls were original and fresh. Can't vouch for the sashimi. The drinks were well-made and you can get a good bottle of sake for a very decent price. The service was prompt, but they didn't seem very knowledgeable (perhaps due to the recent opening?). Went down on a weeknight and all the seats were reserved. We ate in the lounge. You might need reservations. I know Tuk Tuk is supposed to be horrible and Tournesol is supposed to be good - right? There are a few places I want to try out for brunch on vernon blvd. Any suggestions?


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  1. If you're anywhere near Parisi Bros. right at the N/W Broadway stop, you're bread prayers have been answered. Go ahead and try their B&W cookie while you're there!

    1. There isn't a source of great bread in the neighborhood yet. My hope is that someone will open a nice bakery instead of yet another Asian fusion place. Manducatis Rustica sells bread but I'm not sure how good it is, worth a try at least. Also, some of the bread at foodcellar is decent, I liked their sourdough ciabatta.

      For my bread needs I just order the par-baked stuff from Fresh Direct (which is a very good option) or bake my own.

      Oh, and this part of LIC is nowhere near the N/W Broadway stop, though there are indeed many many wonderful chow options there.

      1. I may be wrong but i heard that one of the finer bakeries in the city is located in LIC [not sure but I think PAIN D'AVIGNON RINGS A BELL.
        I think I called many years ago and was told for some reason all their business was with the best places in MANHATTAN.
        Anybody have info - if true we need these guys to get their bums [buns!] to supply great bread here.

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          Tomcat is also located in LIC, as are several other commercial bakeries. I often see their trucks delivering bread to the restaurants on Vernon, but not to any retail places. I think this could be a great business opportunity for someone looking to open a shop in LIC.

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            Tom Cat used to have a retail window open one or two days a week. I think they discontinued that but you can sk them here: info@tomcatbakery.com

        2. I think the new Sage general store sells bread but I am not 100% sure. You can try them at 718-361-0707 during the week.

          Separately if you are looking for some info on LIC, check out the below thread:


          1. thanks for all the replies. I had guessed that there weren't any good options, but figured that if anyone knew of a hidden bakery, you all would.

            Thanks Big V for the link. Also, have you all heard about the new Petraske bar planned for LIC?!? Yay! Very excited about that. Here's the link: http://www.liqcity.com/openings/the-l...

            1. That would be great if Tom Cat has a retail operation. In the meanwhile, the deli/grocerry with the flowers and organic foods right by the 7 station on Vernon has good bread, some from Tom Cat. Manducatis Rustica has bread, their premade sandwiches (on that bread) are incredible, and the cookies/pastries/breakfast treats are better than any I've had anywhere. The farmer's market also has Meredith's breads on Saturdays.

              For other LIC eats, so far I like Five Star Punjabi for topnotch Indian, Manetta's for take out brick oven pizza (though I hear Manducatis Rustica is great too), Tuk Tuk, Creek and the Cave (good fish burritos,) Blend (actually a very good under-rated Brunch,) and across the Pulaski Bridge, there is this healthy but completely delicious cafe called Ashbox on Manhattan Avenue that serves japanese inspired sandwiches, salads and rice balls with good coffee. Has anyone tried Masso for brunch?

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                Don't go to Masso. I agree on Blend's brunch, excellent and underrated. Their pernil and is great, and their cubano excellent. Overall it is hit or miss (the yucca fries are limp and mushy) but there are a number of hits.

                I prefer Bella Via's pizza to the other options in the neighborhood, but all of them are good, really a great place to live if you like pizza (whole pies only, no slices).

                I really like Manducatis Rustica so far, I think it will continue to be a great place for the neighborhood and even possibly a food destination.

              2. Just made it to Manducatis Rustica last week, and they have great bread! We ate half of it on the way back to our apt. Good crust and flavor. Thinking about heading back there to try the pizza this weekend

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                  Echoing on Manducati's Rustica: Great bread. First and foremost. Pastries and gelato look promising; haven't tried them yet. Pizza was... good, not great. This is a pretty interesting place. The back area for seating manages to be both vibeless (a couch, a few tables, nothing special) and sort of appealing in its lack of style. It's BYOB right now. They're making a few specials a day, a pasta, a fish dish, a side, whatever. Anyway, this looks like a potential neighborhood go-to for great bread.

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                    Yep, I agree on the pizza. We picked up a "large" pizza (two slices each is a large?!?) and while the ingredients were fresh, the crust was a little disappointing. The sauce wasn't much to speak of either. I'll have to try belle via next.

                    The gelato, on the other hand, was delectable! We bought a trio of flavors for $11 and took it home. It kept perfectly well in the freezer (was a little concerned with how it would keep). Yum!

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                      Middyboo, Try Manettas. I think they have my favorite pizza in the area. Same brick oven style, more generous with more options. Their salads and desserts are also fantastic. (Actually, word has it that the owners of Manducatis and Manettas are close relatives.)

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                      Anyone know the source of that bread? NY magazine said last month that while cookies and cornetti were baked in house, the bread was from "an Astoria bakery." ... http://nymag.com/daily/food/2008/10/t...

                      Manducatis Rustica
                      46-31 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101

                  2. Parisi bros. - bway and 31st. Maybe the best bread in North America =)

                    1. In the same hood as you...

                      Check out Lounge 47 for a solid burger. Make sure to add on the bacon and cheese. Blend is a descent place. They are trying to get their liquor license, but are having problems with the neighborhood allowing them to have one. Tuk Tuk could be the worst Thai food in New York. Bella Via makes a damn good pie. I like mine with meatballs. The breakfast place on the corner of 47th ave and Vernon has ok bagel sandwiches, but their choice to have tofu hot dogs on the menu turns me off. How can you offer tofu hotdogs and not real hot dogs. Disgraceful.

                      Make sure to check out Hunter's Point WInes. They have a great selection of wine and all whiskeys. The guy who owns it is also the nicest merchant in LIC.

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                        Has anyone been to the new German place, Wunderbar is it?

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                          Hear hear for Hunters Point Wines. Great selection...never bought a bottle I didn't like. He also carries my fav gin - Martin Miller's. Blue Streak Wines on the other hand is horrible! Don't waste your money. I think they have faulty storing practices and the prices are jacked up.