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Oct 21, 2008 04:01 PM

Christmas Turkey

I'm hosting Christmas this year (in Edmonton), so my parents and sister from Ontario and Québec will be coming to visit. I was just wondering where everybody gets their turkey for Christmas. We need at least a 20 lb turkey and I would prefer it to be organic/free range. I've done a bit of sleuthing online and found a great farm called Sunworks Farm, but they only take large orders. Any suggestions of good turkey farmers or retailers would be appreciated. Also, is it necessary here to place an advance order to make sure that you get exactly the size you would like in time for the holidays?


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  1. If you go to the old strathcona farmer's market one Saturday you can get a decent organic turkey form one of the meat booths. We got two a few years back for thanksgiving and christmas because our regular guy wasn't raising turkeys due to the bird flu and they were good, but mom complained they were dry. Nothing a little brining can't solve.

    1. The answer is Smokin' Irons Farms on 50th Street and 112 Ave. Call them and reserve a fresh turkey. Just had one for Thanksgiving and it was so much better that frozen or mass farmed. They get them from a local Hutterite farm.

      I think they have 15 lbs birds which is as small a turkey as I have ever needed.

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        Stay away from Hutterite raised birds if you're looking for organic/free range.

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          Ben's meats on Stony Plain I think does free range, 'not certified' organic. also planet organic takes orders for turkeys. YES absolutely do an advance order at these 2 places. Also be prepared to pay about $100 for your 20lb organic turkey. I have not ever tried one, but I hear that they are much better. I think organic chickens taste better.

      2. Not sure what you mean by 'large orders' at Sunworks. Go to the Strathcona Market and talk to Ron at Sunworks and order a single turkey to pick up just before xmas.

        1. Thanks for all of the input! I've decided to order from Planet Organic. For those who are interested, they will start taking orders for Christmas turkeys starting at the end of November or beginning of December. :)