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Oct 21, 2008 03:55 PM

East Northport Neighborhood Again - I Need Parsely Root

Where the heck might I find it in this neighborhood?


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  1. Well, you could start at the RR tracks on Larkfield Road and work your way south. 1st, that market at the corner of Lkfld and Pulaski (cant thnk of the name), 2nd the IGA at the corner of Lkfld and Clay Pitts, then the Best Yet to the south on the western side, then Stop and Shop on Jericho near the new Barnes and Noble and then Trader Joe's on Lkfld and Jericho. Good luck

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      The place in the shopping center at Pulaski and Larkfield roads is Pat's Meat Farms. It's a good place to start. She might have to buy a "soup mix" package with the root in it along with other soup vegetables. If not there, then check the other stores suggested as well as the ShopRite in Hauppauge. I think I have also seen it at the Fairway in Plainview.

    2. Thanks for all of the help! We looked at Pat's (can't believe how nice their stuff is - I haven't been there since it was Mazilli's (and I still think of it as BoHack's)), IGA, King Kullen, Eden (a Korean produce mart on 25) and Trader Joe's before hitting paydirt at Meat Farms on Commack Road. Will post a photo of our stew once it's done!

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        Whoa, NancyH. If you remember Bohack's you must have a great memory of you are "old". Was that same store ever an A+P? I think so.