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Oct 21, 2008 02:44 PM

Minato >>>> Matsuri

Finally went to Minato last night... definitely the best sushi I've had in Baltimore (which isnt exactly saying much). The toro was very good, albeit cut a bit too thin. The uni, my barometer for a sushi's restaurant's quality, was good... not great, but good.

Great atmosphere, fresh sushi, reasonable prices, very good miso soup. I live in Fed Hill but will be making a trip to Minato whenever I want sushi from now on

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  1. good call. We've been going there for our fish fix for years, the chef/owner is a super nice guy, he would always hook us up when he used to just work the bar at the vietnamese place in the basement under Donna's (I can't remember the name of it). Go on the weekend and order the live scallop! they're one of the few places in town to serve it, and it is not to be missed. We recently accidentally found a really decent sushi/Japanese joint in a strip mall in PAsadena the other day, called Olive and sesame, worth going out of your way for-I'm not kidding- try the home made shrimp toast baguette nothing like the greasy slop from carry-outs, and the fish was delish.

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      awesome! thanks for the info, ill try to check out Olive this weekend

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        I think they have a location in Towson too.