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Oct 21, 2008 01:29 PM

Focaccia [split from New York]

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Make your own? I have a recipe/method that is an absolute show stopper :) I make it with red grapes and rosemary. Grapes add a nice sweetness, and impart a slight purple stain to the focaccia that looks great.

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  1. Mmmm.... sounds delicious. Any chance I could get the recipe?

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    1. re: newfoodie

      I'd love to, but I've been reprimanded for posting links to my recipes.... I think you could find it if you did a google search for "no knead focaccia recipe" ;) My recipe doesn't specifically list the grapes, but you just cut them in half and press into the dough, drizzle olive oil over top, sprinkle with large flake salt (I like to use maldon for my focaccia) and sprinkle with very finely minced fresh rosemary, all to taste. The pictures I've attached are 1/3 recipe batches. The full recipe fills a full sheet pan. The 1/3 fits nicely into a 12" inch square pizza pan, which in turn fits very nicely into my BGE.

      1. re: UnConundrum

        I'll probably be reprimanded for asking this, but why have you been discouraged from linking to a recipe? How is it any different than linking to epicurious, for example?

        I believe I've found your recipe for focaccia. I'm curious as to why you call for grapeseed oil. Also, do you chop the rosemary and mix it in with the dough or do you just throw it on top? How about the grapes?

        1. re: Agent Orange

          I was told that they want the recipes posted here, and they don't exist to build up someone else's site... so.... I try to play by the rules.

          I use grapeseed oil because it has a high smoke point and is one of the good oils. You could use EVOO, but it might start smoking on the edges of the pan. Grapeseed is tasteless, whereas EVOO varies pretty much in flavor. Two different EVOOs could result in very different results.

          I usually use fresh rosemary and chop it very, very fine (don't want to choke on a piece). I sprinkle it over top with some maldon salt. The grapes are cut in half, and pressed cut side up into the dough. The cut side is up to allow for some caramelization of the sugars, and some evaporation.

          Most of my recipes have shortcuts that may not make sense to others. Please feel free to just ask if something is left out. It wasn't intentional.