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Oct 21, 2008 01:54 PM

Michy's Miami Review

michy's, miami (2nd visit)

arrived on a rainy evening to find the placed filled to capacity. the valet ran to my car with an umbrella in hand to guide my companion through the downpour. the first thing i noticed upon entering was how well everyone was dressed, a very different clientele compared with fort lauderdale and delray/boca. it has the appearance of a diner and has a good volume level and mildly entertaining mix of music. our table was ready within 5 minutes and we were taken care of by a very professional waiter; no rush, educated on the menu and ingredients and skilled at wine presentation. the miami spice menu was available and they let us know that we could have any mix of items from both the regular and spice menus, no problem. we enjoyed a wide range of menu items as all are offered in either half or full portions; fresh east/west coast oysters, a tender ceviche, creamy polenta, light gnocchi, duck confit, bland orange snapper (the weakest link), and succulent short ribs followed by a creamy bread pudding and slightly dry red velvet cupcake. overall the food was thoughtfully prepared and the service was some of the best i've had recently . . . knowledgeable and available when requested.

• professional, friendly staff
• owner / chef in action
• superior wine service
• wide selection of items available in full and half portions
• extremely well prepared food

• the location is a bit sketchy, could put off some diners

• none

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  1. How WERE the people dressed?


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      For the most part I find the people in Boca, Delray and Fort Lauderdale a bit too casual, lots of jeans, casual shirts, t-shirts and shorts, sneakers and flip-flops even at better restaurants. I saw no shorts at Michy's, a number of men wore jackets, women were in professional business attire or dresses while all other men wore dress pants / designer jeans, nice/stylish dress shirts and appropriate shoes. I may have missed a few more casual diners . . . but overall, a well dressed crowd.