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Oct 21, 2008 01:39 PM

Recs in Moon Twshp area

Will be in the Robert Morris College (Moon Township) area this weekend and looking for some dinner recommendations close by (as opposed to in the city - which I have already seen throughout the board).

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  1. If you go down the hill and across the bridge to Sewickley, there's Sharp Edge Bistro. Decent food and Belgian beer. They also have their own Belgian beer called Over the Edge. It's real good.

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      If you're headed to Sewickley (which I agree is an easy, quick choice) I would recommend the Sweetwater Grille for food, even though the Sharp Edge has a better drink selection. I've had several great meals there, which surprised me because the restaurants in Sewickley are notoriously mediocre (I live there). The two restaurants are about a 45 second walk from each other, if you want to have drinks at one place and food at the other. Azul is also a fun choice on the outskirts of Sewickley. The staff is friendly and their salsa is amazing.