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Oct 21, 2008 12:59 PM

Best bakeries in Montgomery County

Always in search of a great bakery for both sweet goodies and bread. Any suggestions?

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  1. Close to Montgomery County (Chestnut Hill and Doylestown locations) is Night Kitchen. Best sweets in the vicinity.

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      I agree with the Night Kitchen. Hands down the best chocolate cake ever. I always get my special occasion cakes from here and they never disappoint.

    2. I had a tasty german chocolate cake from whole foods recently. It lasted awhile and was 13.99 on sale. Just finally tossed down my fifty bux and joined costco. The roasted garlic bread is yummy and the cookies. I'm slowly chewing my way through a huge lattice crust apple pie. I like the crust and the way the apples are still chewy and not at all mushy, but I have my usual complaint about too much sugar in the filling. Dang it! Apples are supposed to have a bit of tartness in them. But the price was amazing. 8.99 or something and it comes in a box the size of a pizza pie. I drove past a bakery in Plymouth Meeting in a strip shopping center that I want to go back and try soon. I'll have to google up the name. There is an organic bakery in Lansdale too with some really addicting cheese eddys.

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        You're probably thinking of Zeber's Bakery on Germantown Pike (in the shopping center with Blue Fin). I haven't had their products in a long Saturday morning I brought danish home and they were not fresh...swore I'd never go back and haven't. I'm curious if they are any good as independent bakeries are few and far between.

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          Ah that's the name. Thanks I'll check it out next time I drive past. I am a sucker for small bakeries too.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Zebers has an amazing icing/cream filled powdered donut. Also, I had a random assortment of cookies & a cupcake a few weeks ago that were bought for me & it all was very fresh. Perhaps you hit them on an odd day and I never had a danish from there.

            I also enjoy Bakery House & Clay's very much

            1. re: pamd

              Ooh thanks now I have to go there. Oh yeah yum yum donuts is nice too. I like their monster donuts and their coffee rolls. The icing is very chocolatey.

      2. Bakers on Broad in Souderton. I know, barely in MontCo, but still there. Great breads and french pastries

        1. I just had a yummy red velvet cupcake at Zake's Cakes in Fort Washington, they had a really good selection of cakes and tarts. I can't wait to try more!