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Oct 21, 2008 12:37 PM

Various Vegetarian Places

Hi there! I am looking for :

1) Vegetarian Pho (and more vietnamese items like veggie banh mi and hu tieu)
2) Vegetarian mexican place (beyond just substituting beans with beef)
3) Vegetarian middle eastern food - beyond just a falafel and hummus. (I know middle eastern food have a lot of side dishes that are vegetarian, but I am looking for more main dishes - like soy kibbeh, etc).
4) vegetarian italian beyond just pasta.

I love fake meats and if your suggested restaurants serve them, all the better!

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  1. Vegetarian Vietnamese can be found at Lan Cafe. The menu is on Menupages.

    1. Toloache and La Palapa have a fair number of Mexican vegetarian options (provided you eat cheese, otherwise not so much).

      1. Second Lan Cafe for banh mi.

        For veg Mex, places like Benny's Burrito's and Blockhead's offer soy beef and grilled tofu. In Brooklyn, there's a makeshift taqueria called Papacito's that promises tons of Mex stunt meat, but I haven't tried it yet.

        For veg Middle Eastern, there's a Turkish fusion joint in Queens called Mundo that has a great red lentil dish called "Red Sonja." Another Turkish joint, Dervish in the theater district, has veg lunch specials, but I don't see them on the dinner menu. If we were in Cambridge, MA, I'd recommend the Middle East in Central Square for their pumpkin kibbeh, but I have yet to find a NYC equivalent.

        For veg Italian, that's a tough one. There are veg restaurants that prepare Italian dishes, like Counter and Candle 79, but it's tough to find true veg Italian because of chicken stock in everything. Otto has good dishes/pizza and sometimes daily veg specials.

        And if you love stunt meat, you'd love Red Bamboo, Sacred Chow, Dojo's, Curly's, Atlas, 'Snice, Veg Dim Sum House, etc.


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          Very helpful. I love Pukk for Thai and Candle 79 in general. I didnt like Lan Cafe as all the food was flavorless or had no association to the real thing. I really like Atlas Cafe and Curlys Veg, but they are general veggie places. I miss Vinh Loi Tofu from LA which was a 100% veg vietnamese place and was amazing! People who eat the real pho (with raw beef) came there because it wasd good. LA also had a great place in Glendale that had substantive Middle Eastern entrees beyond just veggies on rice, falafels, and tabouleh.

          Thanks for the rec on Papacitos. I checked out some reviews and that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I love mock meat and that is what they have. I cant wait to make a special trip to Brooklyn just for tacos.

          I only wish someone whould start making Indian food with seitan and gluten.