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Oct 21, 2008 11:52 AM

Review of Maui Restaurant Reservations

Our family is visiting Maui/Wailea area during Christmas holidays staying at the Four Seasons. We generally like nice/upscale restaurants. We have dinner reservations at:
1) Spago's
2) Duo's
3) Ferraro's
4) Joe's
5) Mama's
6) Lahaina Grill
7) Capische
I appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

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  1. I'd put the Haliimaile General Store on my list, Oh and don't be fooled by the name, you'll need reservations. Check out their website: 900 Haliimaile Road, Makawao, HI 96768 (808) 572-2666

    In Lahaina definately Lahaina Grill, lots of fun. Also David Paul's and Longhei's as well. Mama's Fish House has a wonderful view but, IMO the place is way over rated. I'd go for lunch and soak up the view. Enjoy Maui, it's a great island. I've been there for a long long time.

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      Isn't Lahaina Grill and David Paul's the same restaurant? I thought it used to be called David Paul's?

      1. re: Property manager

        yes, we just ate at lahaina grill and they were david paul's lahaina grill for 15 years or so, same owner just did name change last year -- they said that david paul was not around for 7 or 8 years (i cant remember exactly)... FABULOUS FOOD, SERVICE -- dont miss if on maui!

    2. This will most likely get moved to the Elsewhere in America board where you can find all kinds of info on Maui dining. I second the suggestion for Hali'imailie General Store, and if you like crab, you must try the crab pizza. I would also recommend SeaWatch on the Wailea Gold Course for breakfast or dinner. I really enjoyed both Ferraro's and Duo at the Four Seasons. Just down the road at the Kea Lani you'll find Nick's Fishmarket, which is very good as well. If you like shrimp, I would suggest Buzz's Wharf in the harbor near the ocean center, and also in the same area is the Waterfront. Enjoy!

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        I second Bev Gannon's Hali'imailie General Store for your list. She does great food, offers excellent service and keeps the Hawaiian faith. She gets it.

        Now, I will be watching this thread, as we will be back on Maui for the fist time in 5 years, and much has changed.


      2. Got back a couple of weeks ago from a beach wedding for my son at the four season's.

        Had a group dinner at Ferraro's for a party of 11, they did a great job. The party did cocktails, great dinner and wedding cake. With wine the total tab with gratuity was a little over $1,400.

        Had another dinner at Joe's with a group of 7. Much less formal but good food. I actually had their meat loaf! , it was great. With a couple of bottles of wine the tab hit close to $500.

        Did a couple of breakfasts at Longhei's, I loved the pineapple and coconut scones, probably the best I have ever had.

        Food in Maui is good, just bring a credit card with lots of room on it and a pocket full of $100 bills.

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        1. re: duck833

          I don't get it - what are the $100.00 bills for? I go quite frequently and only carry small bills
          for tipping housekeeping and the valet and such.

          1. re: manomin

            Yah, I don't understand there are plenty of places, mostly locals, on Maui that are quite good and very reasonable. I suppose most vacationers don't have time to research and find them. I do enjoy both ends of the spectrum.

        2. I appreciate the response. I have two additional questions:

          1) Any ideas about a more casual dinner selection (other than Joe's which we are going to) that is close (5-10 minutes) of the Four Seasons.? Matteo's, Longhi's, Mulligan's, Tommy Bahama's I have seen mentioned.

          2) We have reservations to go to a Christmas dinner buffet at Duo's. I was wondering whether it would be better to switch and go to Ferraro's that night where they will have ala carte dining? I was wondering whether we are better off going to Duo's on a night where they a greater selection off their regular menu?


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            We really like Matteo's, and ended up eating lunch there several times during our visit back in May. It's great for a casual meal. We also really like Tommy Bahama, we mostly go there for lunch too. The goat cheese dip is very good, and I think I had a shrimp salad I really enjoyed. I've only been to Longhi's for breakfast, which is pretty good.

            As far as Duo versus Ferraro's for Christmas dinner, I think Ferraro's would be just a little bit more special, especially if the classical musicians are playing that evening. I've enjoyed all my meals at Duo, but have never done the buffet. Their regular menu is very good, though, so I think you might be missing out if you went for the buffet.