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Oct 21, 2008 11:47 AM

Please tell me about Hash House a Go Go in Vegas

I will be travelling to Vegas soon and have heard about this restaurant. Is it worth paying a visit? I appreciate any imput! Thanks

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  1. It's one of many good breakfast places off-strip. It's known for very very large portions!

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    1. re: jjo1953

      Thank you! Have you eaten there? Is is worth going to if you were only in Vegas for 3 days?

      1. re: jjo1953

        HUGE portions, for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Makes the Cheesecake Factory look like Weight Watchers portions. Don't confuse this with the much older Hash House, which used to be on Spring Mountain and now is on Decatur near Charleston. That is only open for breakfast and lunch, but very good.

        1. re: Friend of Bill

          If you get a kick out of large portions and you have your own transportation it's worth the trip. The flapjacks, porkloin benedict, and french toast are a few of my favorite dishes.

          FWIW, Hash House is actually on Decatur near Sahara.

      2. I've eaten there 4-5 times. If going solo, i don't recommend it - you'll waste too much food !! I like the creatvitity in the dishes - the benedicts, the hashes, the pancakes/french toast. Do you have a car ? if not, the taxi will cost more than the food itself.

        happy eating !

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        1. re: kjs

          Oh no!! We won't have a car. Is it that far from the Strip?? We are staying at the Flamingo. I would love to try it while we are there.

          1. re: marbiegreen

            I've done breakfast there a few times. It's not bad.
            Not worth it if you don't have a car though.

        2. I've eaten at their location in San Diego and really enjoy it. It's a fun place, great comfort food. Like the other posters have mentioned, HUGE portions -- truly have to be seen to be believed. Yummy pancakes.

          1. I saw a show last week on Food Network (Rachael's Ray's Vacation) her destination was Las Vegas and Hash House a Go Go was one of her stops. FWIW, she LOVED it!